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Wholesale Jewelry Promotion Ideas to Get You Started

When starting up a wholesale jewelry business, it is important to get your brand and products out there. There are many ways to do this and the ideas offered here will get you started in operating a wholesale jewelry store. Additionally, it will help your business earn more customers, consequently bringing your store more sales. Here are some promotion ideas to jumpstart your wholesale jewelry business.

1. Free shipping – Anything free is something clients love. In wholesale business, most sellers offer free shipping as a reward for purchasing a certain amount of products. The benefits of offering free shipping include an increase of online sales volume, more customers, and for eBay, it helps your listing appear at the top of “Best match” results. With increased visibility, it gives your wholesale jewelry products an additional advantage over competitors. However, make sure that you take into account which wholesale jewelry items should be offered free shipping. For example, higher-priced wholesale rings or wholesale necklaces don’t really need free shipping promotions where as lower value wholesale earrings don’t need the additional burden of free shipping. Simply put, analyze the products that should be qualified for free shipping to get maximum profits.

2. Custom reusable shopping bags – Reusable shopping bags are perfect for wholesale jewelry clients because it encourages repeat business. Custom reusable bags can also be substituted for other promotional marketing items which allow the company name to be carried. Additionally, it sends a positive advertising message during these times when consumers lean towards eco-friendly and recyclable materials. Free shopping bags that are reusable also show customer appreciation, employee incentives, and promotional giveaways.

3. Banner ads and trivia – When doing internet marketing, maximize the use of banner ads by using them as areas where questions and trivia can be posted. Post questions on the banner and inform customers and viewers that they can win a prize if they answer it on your wholesale jewelry site. Not only is this a legitimate means of increasing traffic towards to your site, it also gives consumers a way to browse through your wholesale necklaces, wholesale brooches, and wholesale bracelets.

4. Added bonuses – Instead of free shipping, wholesalers can offer free items for purchasing a certain amount of wholesale jewelry times. For example, you can give an additional wholesale ring for every 10 orders of wholesale cocktail rings or throw in an extra wholesale pendant for every 10 purchases of wholesale necklaces.

When doing business with potential clients, it’s always important to show appreciation. Say thank you in mail, letters, surveys, and brochures to make them feel appreciated. If they feel good doing business with you, they will most likely come back and become a regular client.