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Wholesale Jewelry Trends for 2010

Wholesale jewelry owners and retailers can offer their valued clientele top wholesale jewelry items that are not just affordable, but trendy and gorgeous as well. Having the latest styles in wholesale jewelry will put you at the top of the wholesale jewelry industry. With the year starting anew, jewelry experts predicted wholesale jewelry trends that will make big waves this 2010.

Unique wholesale jewelry items such as statement pieces are predicted to be a huge hit this year. Wholesale multicolour cocktail rings in bright colors and fun shapes may not be the most expensive wholesale jewelry pieces in your collection, but these are eye-catching pieces that can be worn alone. These are a bit more outrageous than your daily jewelry accessories and this is the primary reason why it can’t be matched with other big pieces of wholesale jewelry.

Wholesale earrings in chandelier or drop-style are also expected to make a big splash this year. Because they exude class and femininity, these wholesale jewelry items are back in the spotlight once again. Chandelier earrings add a dash of sparkle to any ensemble and though they may be perfect for evening wear, wholesale chandelier earrings can also be matched with casual outfits such as shirts, jeans, and heels.

Taking a cue from multicolour cocktail rings and other colourful wholesale jewelry items, colors play an important role in the wholesale jewelry trends for 2010. Jewel tones and warm tones are expected to play a big part in this year’s fashion jewelry trends. Play around with wholesale jewelry that sports bright hues such as orange, yellow, and red. This means that gemstones such as topaz, champagne and ruby will definitely spice up any fashionista’s ensemble.

Finally, other gemstones such as amethyst and sapphire are very rich in color and will add flair to any jewelry retailer’s wholesale jewelry collection. Women are attracted to beautiful colors and wholesale bracelets or wholesale necklaces with these sparkling gemstones will sell easily and quickly. Wholesale jewelry with multiple hues and gemstones are attractive, and clients will storm into your stores to purchase these gorgeous pieces.

Colors add personality to any wardrobe and wholesale jewelry items that are bright and vivid make for interesting pieces and accessories. Mix these two and voila! Fashionistas need not look far for trendy and affordable wholesale jewelry items no more.