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Why Cubic Zirconia Fashion Rings Are Worth Selling

Small jewelry businesses will benefit from investing in wholesale fashion rings with CZ crystal accents.

two cubic zirconia fashion rings on display

Starting a jewelry business is fun, especially if your passion is jewelry and accessories. One of the best pieces to purchase for your inventory is rings because they are small and readily available. You can quickly buy wholesale fashion rings without leaving your home or shop, and you can browse through extensive catalogs at your own pace. Among the many types of fashion rings, one of the best pieces to focus on selling is cubic zirconia fashion rings.

Cubic zirconia is a popular diamond simulant used to adorn fashion jewelry. Because of its close visual likeness to diamonds and low price, CZ has remained the most economically important competition for diamonds since its commercial production in 1976. This is why there are many fashion jewelry today that come with cubic zirconia crystals in various colors.

But are these rings really worth the investment? We believe they are. Allow us to convince you – here are five reasons to sell cubic zirconia rings today:

  1. CZ fashion rings are affordable.
  2. Cubic zirconia is more beautiful than a diamond.
  3. They have fashion-forward designs.
  4. Their durability makes an excellent selling point.
  5. Versatility and wearability make them stand out from other rings.

#1 CZ fashion rings are affordable.

As mentioned earlier, rings with cubic zirconia crystal accents are affordable compared to diamond rings. With that said, they are ideal for starting jewelry businesses that may not have enough funds to build an extensive inventory. On the same note, customers who have limited budgets can also build their own fashion ring collection without breaking the bank.

#2 Cubic zirconia is more beautiful than a diamond.

Diamonds are valued and desired because of their cost, not because of their rarity or looks. Cubic zirconia crystals are actually more beautiful than diamonds because the former gives off rainbow flashes of light, while the latter shines with white light only. In other words, CZ rings look more lavish than diamond rings – a lower cost.

#3 They have fashion-forward designs.

These fashion rings are easily accessible and are available in various fashion-forward designs. Because of that, it will be easy to create collections of different fashion styles, catering to a wide range of customer preferences. You can build a CZ ring collection with edgy styles for punk rock ladies or minimalist pieces for minimalist jewelry lovers. On the other hand, some rings also come in vintage styles, perfect for jewelry shops selling retro-inspired rings.

#4 Their durability makes an excellent selling point.

Most of the time, many people are wary of inexpensive rings because they assume that they are not durable. But this isn’t the case with cubic zirconia rings. In fact, cubic zirconia has a score of 8.5 on the Mohs scale, while diamond has a 10. It may not be as hard as diamonds, but CZ stones are undoubtedly durable and scratch resistant. They can be worn every day without worrying about them getting damaged.

#5 Versatility and wearability make them stand out from other rings.

Some fashion rings come with natural gemstones, but they are not as tough as cubic zirconia, and their wearability is limited. For example, a moonstone ranks 6 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale, while turquoise is only 5 to 6. Both stones can be scratched or, worse, broken. Amazingly, CZ rings are quite immune to scratches and breakage despite being cheaper. In addition, they become versatile day-to-night pieces because of this quality.

Where can you buy wholesale cubic zirconia fashion rings?

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