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4 Benefits of Ring Display Trays

Find out why ring trays are a necessity for every jewelry store.

If your shop exclusively sells retail or wholesale fashion rings, displaying them in your store can sometimes be challenging. Rings, unlike bracelets and necklaces, can easily get lost or damaged. Merely placing them on a table also makes them prone to getting snatched off as well.

Using ring display trays can change the game. Today, we will discuss why using these ring display trays is a must for every jewelry store:

The rings look organized. 

One obvious result of using a ring display tray is that the pieces will look much more organized. Customers, if you allow it, can easily try them on without messing up the entire display. Also, you would not have to remove all the rings when it’s time to clean them. Simply dust off or vacuum the whole tray.

Ring trays are perfect for product shots.

Whether you own an online shop or an actual jewelry store, ring trays make product images look better. This is especially true for rings with such intricate designs, and they need to be held up at different angles. All you need now is a good backdrop -- which could either be a bare wall or a printout of an aesthetic image and some accents like plants and flowers.

Trays keep rings safe from scratches.

Trays keep rings safe from scratches because it holds a piece securely and individually in an upright position. The way the rings are placed will also make it easier for potential buyers to view the details of each piece. Trays also keep the rings safe when they get accidentally pushed off the table. 

Storage is much easier with ring trays.

Lastly, if you regularly attend trade and craft shows, ring trays are a necessity. With these trays, you don’t have to go through packing each ring with tissue or velvet cloth to prevent them from scratches and damage. All you have to do is place the trays in boxes and add some cushion on top like bubble wrap to ensure the rings’ safety.