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Easy Ways to Find Out Your Jewelry Style

Are you a minimalist, an eccentric, or a classic? Here’s a jewelry style guide that you can share with your customers the next time they shop in your store.

short-haired blonde woman wearing a vintage pink dress and gold necklaces and holding a disco ball on each hand

Are you thinking about changing your jewelry style this 2021? Each person has their own unique personal jewelry style, but there are general and common types. Knowing these will also help you make your customers’ shopping experience easier and more enjoyable by creating different style categories of pieces on your retail or wholesale fashion jewelry website or in your physical store.

With that in mind, here are the general jewelry styles we keep seeing on Instagram and Pinterest:

The minimalist

woman in a white blazer and black lingerie wearing a minimalist necklace and minimalist ring

Women who love minimalist fashion are usually into low-key jewelry pieces with simple details. They prefer stud earrings, thin necklaces with small pendants, delicate bangles, and thin layered rings. The minimalist rarely wears all these accessories all at once; she would wear two or three at most. 

The eccentric

woman in black and brown leopard print sleeveless top smiling

The eccentrics are those who love pairing pieces that are usually not worn together. These women are highly experimental and usually take risks in wearing too many pieces. They love brightly-colored tassel earrings and statement fashion rings that have huge stones. Eccentrics prefer wearing bright and colorful show-stopping pieces which complement their equally eccentric clothing.

The fashion-forward 

woman wearing white long-sleeved blouse and trendy necklaces

These fashion-forward women love wearing jewelry pieces that have just been released. They painstakingly watch out for every jewelry shop’s new arrivals and keep themselves updated with fashion influencers’ looks. Whether the pieces are minimalist or statement, they will go for them as long as they are selfie-worthy.

The girly

woman with dark plum nails wearing minimalist rose gold rings holding a smartphone

The girly loves anything pink, red, and rose gold. She goes for the charm bracelets, pretty drop earrings, solitaire rings, and any piece with floral, heart, and eternity designs in them. The girly fashionista also prefers jewelry pieces that have pastel-colored crystals and other jewelry that exude feminine vibes.

The classic

woman wearing pearl necklace and pearl earrings

The classics are the women who are into elegant pearl jewelry. They wear pearls with basically every outfit in their closet. These ladies adore the classic plain gold and silver jewelry which may be adorned with crystals. The classic lover also goes for the 50s jewelry styles, which matching earrings, necklaces, brooches, and rings. Their fashion icons include Bette Davis, Audrey Hepburn, Judy Garland, and Greta Garbo.