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5 Advantages of Shopping Wholesale Jewelry Online

Here are five reasons why purchasing wholesale fashion jewelry online for your small jewelry business is so much better than buying at physical stores.

Purchasing wholesale fashion jewelry online is the best way to stock up your inventory today.

Online shopping for needs and wants has definitely grown over the past two years. The e-commerce activity has seen massive growth due to the pandemic that urged consumers to stay home and forced stores to close. In fact, the global online shopping market's size has nearly hit four trillion dollars in 2020, and experts expect to have a whopping 300 million online US shoppers in 2023!

The data above proves that shopping online for your jewelry inventory might just be the right move for you. If you are still an e-commerce skeptic, here are five reasons why you should consider purchasing wholesale fashion jewelry online now:

  1. Safe and convenient
  2. Lower costs
  3. More extensive design selection
  4. Better purchase decisions
  5. Returns and money-back options

#1 Safe and convenient

Probably the most obvious reasons for shopping online are safety and convenience. Safety because you will not have to expose yourself to other people who might be carrying the virus or any other sickness. Convenient because you can easily purchase lots and lots of wholesale fashion jewelry without having to leave your home or mom-and-pop shop, worry about annoying traffic, and drive around and consume more gas to secure a parking space.

#2 Lower costs

People might think that wholesale jewelry from online shops is much more expensive than purchasing directly from a physical wholesale store. However, wholesalers tend to offer huge discounts and promotions because the competition can be quite tricky. To close more partnerships with other jewelry businesses and retain their clients, these sellers provide amazing discounts to their customers – perks that you don’t really get to enjoy with physical wholesale jewelry shops.

#3 More extensive design selection

Online wholesalers offer a wide range of jewelry designs. Most of them categorize them well, so looking for a particular type of jewelry won’t be too difficult to find. You have absolute control over the shopping experience – selection to check out. You can also compare prices with different online wholesalers and window-shop in peace without having to worry about salespeople lurking around your back or bugging you about purchasing a piece you don't really want. 

woman browsing an ecommerce website on black laptop
There are many online wholesalers of jewelry; you just need to be smart with which you pick and work with.

#4 Better purchase decisions

Because online e-commerce websites usually feature legit product reviews and in-depth product descriptions, you will be able to make better purchase decisions. This is why looking for a reliable and legit online wholesaler is very important. In addition, these websites also provide high-quality images of each product, which include close-up shots of the designs.

#5 Returns and money-back options

Finally, most online wholesalers provide easy returns and money-back options in case you are not happy with your bulk purchase. Again, you must look for wholesalers that make these options available, so you will not worry about wasting money if you get a bad batch of jewelry pieces. Although the process may take time, at least you are guaranteed to get your money back or a better replacement.

The takeaway

Shopping for wholesale fashion jewelry online is indeed a very convenient way to grow your inventory. You do not need to leave the house or your store, and you can spend all the time you want browsing various designs.

Now that you are shifting to buying jewelry bulk online, you can also consider opening up an online version of your small jewelry business. There is no need to create a website just yet; starting on social media is an excellent first step. Create business accounts on Facebook and Instagram, post high-quality images of your jewelry, and grow a following.

Start slow, and when you get the hang of social commerce, you can consider creating an e-commerce website. For now, focus on engaging social media followers through great content and beautiful fashion jewelry pieces.