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5 Spooky Marketing Ideas for Jewelry Businesses

Scare your competition away with these easy marketing tips this Halloween.

5 Spooky Marketing Ideas for Jewelry Businesses

It's a little over a week before Hallow's Eve, and the competition's starting to get stiffer especially when it comes to selling Halloween-inspired pieces. If you think sales are slow, it's time to think of new tactics to get customers to buy your products. Aside from chilling decors in your shop or a spooky website template, here are five tips to keep your sales moving, and sell out your Halloween-inspired jewelry pieces.

1. Halloween-inspired jewelry sets

Pique customers' interests with a seasonal jewelry set. You can urge them to accessorize on Halloween with your "spooky" pieces. Great examples are black-plated rings or necklaces, as well as gothic-inspired chokers and spiked bracelets. Be inspired by the trending scary characters on TV or books. When it comes to naming these jewelry sets, be unique; the spookier, the better. Make sure to price them fairly or a relatively lower cost, to further

2. Halloween contests

Generally, people love contests and free stuff and tend to draw a lot of engagement on your posts when done on Facebook and Instagram. You can hold a Halloween contest and be creative about the mechanics. Don't forget to urge your audience to share your post and use a branded hashtag. As for your prize, offer an exclusive discount card or a Halloween-inspired jewelry set for the winner. And the best thing about holding contests on social media is that it's basically free!

3. Spooky emails

Email marketing is an effective way to make previous customers remember you. Send them a quick hello with a Halloween-themed email. Do not forget calls-to-action to encourage them to buy your wholesale fashion jewelry pieces that are put on sale this Halloween. If you want a more indirect approach, opt to send short articles like Halloween fashion tips to attract their attention.

4. Scary videos

Invest on high-quality short promotional videos on your social media channels. As you know, visual display is very appealing for all ages and hence, important in this digital age. Videos are more likely to be watched than a long photo caption. Pick the most chilling music and sprinkle a bit of humor. Be straightforward with your message, and feature your Halloween-inspired jewelry in the most creative way. And yes, this is a fun project you can do with your staff!

5. Trick or Treat loot bags

And as appreciation to your customers, give them bags of candy corns, and other Halloween treats after purchase. You can also customize bags and put your business logo, and social media account information on them as well. This is a great way for free advertising, especially so if the bags are reusable, as well as encourage word-of-mouth advertising.