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Black Friday Marketing Strategies For Jewelry Businesses

Cut through the holiday noise with these effective marketing strategies.

Effective Black Friday Marketing Strategies

Time flies so fast; it's Thanksgiving and Black Friday season again in just a few weeks. As a business, you should already be working on your marketing strategies for the holidays as early as now. And regardless of how big or small your business is, implementing such strategies will help you earn more and possibly sell out all your products this season.

Holiday discounts and seasonal jewelry sets

Effective Black Friday Marketing Strategies

One way of enticing customers' is through offering wholesale fashion jewelry at a lower cost. Most customers love hoarding discounted products, especially since the gift-giving season is a month away and fashion jewelry pieces make great Christmas presents. Jewelry sets also make great gifts, especially if you bundle pieces of the same design.

Black Friday emails

Black Friday Email Marketing

Pique your customers' interest by sending them a preview of your Black Friday sale through email. Create one that has a catchy subject line, a straightforward message, and a funny image, GIF or a short video that captures your message. Let them know that the discounts run for a limited time only, using the marketer's favorite line, "until supplies last." Don't forget to add the link to your website, as well as the link to the discounted products.

Social media

Social Media Marketing

Yes, of course! Regularly post about your Black Friday sale in all of your active social media accounts. Always include the hashtag, #BlackFridaySale to make it easier for customers to find you. You can also target fashion-loving millennials and tech-savvy people when it comes to your copy and content. Research has shown that a significant percentage of social media users today belong to the millennial age group. Keep it young and fun!


Ads Marketing for Black Friday

Social media can offer free ads, but if you want to target the right audience, it's time to purchase them. You can do so via Facebook ads and AdWords. Remember to customize your ads with content that mentions Black Friday and Thanksgiving. Otherwise, it wouldn't be as effective if you merely say, "fashion jewelry sale." Be sure to set these ads on the best times when people are shopping; check your site's analytics to know when these times are.

Employee incentives

Black Friday Marketing Strategies For Jewelry Businesses

If you have a physical store, your staff will need to work more extended hours to accommodate a barrage of shoppers. That said, your employees need to be prepared for the bigger number of customers as well as inquiries online. Encourage them to be the best employee that they can be amidst the shopping madness. Offer incentives which can motivate them to work harder and to keep all your customers satisfied. A good pep talk should help as well.