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Easy and Effective Jewelry Displays

Here are some easy tips on how to attract more customers with your displays.

Simple, organized and clean jewelry shop

One way to increase your store sales is through displays. It is said that these displays are a shop's silent salesperson; they do the selling and marketing to your customers. This is why a business should invest in a beautiful-looking jewelry shop. We've listed down some tried and tested tips to increase sales with your shop displays.

Keep them clean. 

First of all, you should have a clean store and a neat display. You wouldn't want your customers to get grossed out with spiderwebs, dust, or even dead insects. Fingerprints on glass cases can be a huge turn off to customers. Make it a point to do regular a store-wide cleaning to avoid dust from piling up on your displays.

White and clean jewelry display

Have a unified look.

Keeping a unified look will make your store look more professional. You should choose a specific color palette for your shop and strictly follow it. You can have one to three colors, but avoid going beyond that. Textures such as lace, faux leather or velvet should also not be more than three. This is why minimalist displays are such a thing now; many big jewelry businesses prefer a clean look.

[caption id="attachment_2580" align="aligncenter" width="720"]unified-jewelry-store Image Source: Pinterest[/caption]

Get mirrors.

Customers love it when they can see how a jewelry piece look on them. That is why you need to place mirrors near the display. Allowing your customers to admire wholesale fashion jewelry on themselves will help them decide on the perfect piece for them. Remember, however, to install them in places where they can't catch glares of the lights. No one wants an annoying blinding flash while shopping.


Create visual display.

You can't just lay flat the jewelry pieces in a glass case; you also have to consider height variation. Laying them flat exudes monotony and therefore looks boring. Using different sizes and heights of displays will help a lot with visual interest. Experiment with the angles. Instead of placing the pieces in parallel positions, try setting them in unusual angles. Doing so will quickly grab the passerby's attention.

[caption id="attachment_2581" align="aligncenter" width="720"]visual-jewelry-display Image Source: Pinterest[/caption]

Add personality.


If you are selling vintage jewelry, your displays should also reflect the same style and personality. Vintage-inspired jewelry pieces look perfect with bronze metal displays, the colors gray, brown, and off-white. You can add props such as roses and old books and newspapers. Your customers will love the creativity and will definitely make them remember you.


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