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5 Ways to Make Your Customers Feel Important

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Make customers fall in love with your jewelry.

5 Ways to Make Your Customers Feel Important

Now that your jewelry business has a steady clientele maintaining relationships with them is the next step. Making them feel valued doesn't stop with the purchase, and some companies forget about that. The key is to continuously court them; make them feel that they are as important as your business. With that said, here are a few tips on how to make your customers fall in love with your business that they won't buy from anyone else.


5 Ways to Make Your Customers Feel Important

As they say, kindness and gratitude will take you far. A simple thank you can make a person feel validated and special. Thank them once they come in the store and after they make a purchase. Plus points for you if you mention their name. On your e-commerce site, there should be a Thank You page every after check out. Encourage them to be repeat customers by sending a Thank You email or note after a week or two and ask what they think about the jewelry piece they bought from you. You can also send weekly, or bi-weekly emails asking about their day and encourage them to check out your new products.

Continuous satisfaction

5 Ways to Make Your Customers Feel Important

Promotions such as seasonal discounts are effective ways to satisfy your customer after purchase. Treat them to exclusive discounts; pique their interests with various jewelry sets or offer giveaways. Extend these promos to their friends as doing so will ultimately increase your exposure online via Shares. Ask them to Like, Share, and Comment on your posts on your social media accounts. As for physical stores, you can give them a loyalty card for which when they come back to purchase, for example, on the third time, they get a free jewelry piece.

Answering inquiries immediately

5 Ways to Make Your Customers Feel Important

A big plus for companies is when they are able to attend to queries immediately or at least on the same day. Train your sales persons to be friendly and knowledgeable about your business, so whenever a customer comes to them and asks questions on wholesale fashion jewelry pieces, they can answer them confidently. Phone calls should also be answered immediately and make them positive experiences for the customers. This is even if they called to complain about something. As for online businesses, reply to all comments, both positive and negative. Do not forget to thank them at the end of each conversation or response.

Listening to them

5 Ways to Make Your Customers Feel Important

As with answering inquiries immediately, listening to what they have to say is also extremely important. You should be able to handle bad comments professionally; do not go on full beast mode on social media even if they have posted hurtful words. View every bad comment as constructive criticism. Even if you think it could hurt your business' image, try not to delete them. Apologize that they felt that way and address their concerns in a calm tone. Solve the problem by giving suggestions or offering a return or exchange if they weren't happy with the product.

Remembering your customers

5 Ways to Make Your Customers Feel Important

If you have a physical store, remembering a customer by name is such a plus. It makes the connection between you and your clients stronger. More so if you remember what you talked about the last time they were in the shop. You are letting them feel that they are worth remembering and that you treat all customers the same way. As for online businesses, sending them emails may seem automated, but not so if you can customize them.

Whether you are a start up or a big jewelry shop, making your customers feel valued is one rule that shouldn't be broken. Otherwise, they can get turned off by the way you treat them and ultimately lose them one by one. No one wants a stuck up business who only focuses on selling their products.


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