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4 Ways Email Marketing Can Help Your Jewelry Business

  • by admin
  • 2 min read

Learn more about email marketing and how it can help your jewelry business.

4 Ways Email Marketing Can Help Your Jewelry Business

Last week's post was about how social media can boost your sales and exposure. Having accounts on these platforms certainly help, but you can further increase exposure with email marketing. This strategy has been ignored by some businesses, thinking consumers do not care about reading emails. In a way this is true; that is if you're not doing it the right way. With that said, here are ways on how email marketing can help boost your jewelry business.

Create and maintain relationships

Nurture relationships with your customers through emails right from the start. As soon as you get hold of their emails, send them a welcome /thank-you message, telling them that you appreciate their purchase. Offer some simple tips and encourage them to follow your social media accounts as well. Your goal is to engage with your loyal customers so you can grow your relationships further.


One way to let your customer know about a new promotion is creating an email about it. By using an enticing and engaging title, there's a bigger chance that they will read the message. Alongside quality content, using high-quality images will double the chances. You can also send emails promoting your new arrivals and end of season sale. Be brief and straightforward and pique their curiosity. Make sure you include all the important details and the links to the product page.


There are about ten holidays we celebrate every year and what better way to make your customers remember you but by sending holiday greetings? Doing so is much like indirectly telling them to check out your new jewelry pieces. You can also offer them seasonal discounts on some occasions, like for example, 20% off for moms on Mother's Day. Your goal is to remind them of your business while enticing them to buy your products.

Share interests

You can send your customers stories, news, and tips related to the jewelry industry. Topics can be style guides, cleaning guides, how-tos, and inspiring stories related to fashion jewelry. Share information that is both valuable and informative. This will not only pique the interest of your customers but will also increase the chance of them recommending you to their family and friends.


As with social media marketing, email marketing can boost your business as well. Whether you sell wholesale fashion jewelry or handmade jewelry, connecting with customers via email is definitely an effective strategy.