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A Step-by-Step Guide on Making Your Own Wholesale Jewelry Catalog

  • by admin
  • 2 min read
Catalogs are portfolios every business should have to expand their consumer base. Whether it is retailers or individuals who peruse your wholesale jewelry catalog, it’s important that only the best products and materials are used to make your own catalog. It has been mentioned in this blog how you can produce your own catalog for a cheaper cost.

How to create a professional looking wholesale jewelry catalog.


1. When creating a wholesale jewelry catalog from your own home, there is some basic equipment that you should have: a digital camera, a printer, and software both for the catalog layout and photo editing. With the advent of technologically advanced digital cameras in the recent years, it has now been possible to take close-ups of jewelry without causing too much blur. The “Macro” option is a big help because it allows ultra close-ups without making the object blurred.

2. In taking a photo, place individual pieces of cocktail rings on something white because a white background brightens the picture while enhancing the wholesale jewelry pieces at the same time. Additionally, you can use your creative side and use various props where you can place your precious items.

3. Download photos to your laptop or personal computer. Use photo editing software to crop each image for a closer view. Renaming them also helps you recognize them just by the filename. For example, you can name them by themes or by styles, such as gemstone jewelry, pearl jewelry, or men’s jewelry.

4. Layout the photos on a program such as Microsoft Publisher. Insert photos of your wholesale earrings one by one. Catalogs are primarily made up of photos but you can also provide some information as to the style, setting, price, and stone.

5. Using product numbers for your wholesale jewelry pieces is an essential task in creating your catalog.Not only does this allow for easy recognition, it also lessens the burden of inventory. For example, you can use your business’ initials and a random number so that a customer can simply provide you with this information and you’ll know exactly what she wants.

6. Printing your wholesale jewelry catalog is a breeze.Simply set it to “booklet” form so the page numbers come out right. Color printing is necessary to make your wholesale jewelry stand out but this makes the cost of printing higher. No worries, the amount you spend on ink cartridges will easily be replaced by the number of wholesale jewelry items you’ll be able to sell with your brand new wholesale jewelry catalog.

Catalogs are essential for the wholesale jewelry business because it gives consumers a visual idea of what kind of wholesale jewelry pieces they like. Retailers can carry them around for easy distribution while those having home parties can show them to potential clients. If you must, ask for these catalogs back to save on printing costs and to avoid unauthorized reproduction.