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Celebrating September with Wholesale Sapphire Jewelry

The month of September is always celebrated not just because it marks the start of the –ber months when people are looking forward to December to celebrate the Yuletide Season, but there is another reason. Aside from September marking the start of the holidays, people born on the month of September also make sure that they celebrate the occasions with gorgeous fashionable jewelry. Retailers know that women care about their birthstones and that sapphire is the birthstone of the month of September.
Sapphire is taken from the Greek word “sapphirus” meaning blue, and is the gemstone for the 5th and 45th years of marriage. Sapphire symbolizes purity and wisdom which is why priests and kings in the old times often use them. Additionally, sapphire is believed to bring physical and emotional balance as well as to stop bleeding and eye disorders. Large sapphire gemsare rare and valuable because of the way in which the conundrum crystals are formed.

Sapphire has earned its reputation for being an excellent all-purpose medicine and some believers ingested it as an antidote of poison. Sapphires were ground into powders and were believed to cure anything from colic to rheumatism and mental illness. While blue is the sapphire’s most popular color, this eye-catching gemstone is also seen in shades of gray and black, sometimes even appearing colorless.
Because of the valuable price authentic sapphire gemstones command, fashionistas have now realized the practicality of investing in fashionable wholesale jewelry. Retailers have acknowledged that women who love fashionable jewelry want to stand out and this can easily be achieved with valuable gemstones such as wholesale sapphire jewelry.
The beauty of wholesale sapphire jewelry lies in the styles and designs created with the sapphire gemstones. More and more fashion jewelry lovers clamor for wholesale sapphire jewelry and this is reflected in the increase of wholesale sapphire jewelry displays in jewelry shops. From wholesale sapphire cocktail rings to wholesale sapphire bridal jewelry, to wholesale sterling silver sapphire pendants and wholesale sapphire tennis bracelets, women will have the time of their lives shopping for gorgeous and unique wholesale sapphire jewelry.
September is just starting so fashionistas, you have an entire month to shop for wholesale sapphire jewelry. Visit CERIJewelry.com now or check out your local wholesale jewelry suppliers for the latest styles in wholesale sapphire jewelry.