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Black Friday Marketing Ideas for Jewelry Wholesalers

Here are some effective ideas to boost your Black Friday sales this year.

"Black Friday" written in a black marker

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner! Is your wholesale fashion jewelry business ready for the largest shopping days of the year? Or are you already stressing out? Don't be, as we have five marketing ideas that can help your jewelry business survive and thrive on the shopping holidays.

Wholesale fashion rings displayed on a ring tray

1. Run irresistible deals.

Clients love jaw-dropping sales! Create lots of different types of jewelry pieces which should include freebies for every purchase of a certain amount. Retailers can re-sell these freebies, therefore, more sales for them too. They also love it when the more they buy, the more they save. As an added tip, you can give your slow-moving jewelry items as freebies so you can finally take them out of your inventory.

2. Send out emails.

Inform your clients of your Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Doing so helps with increasing the traffic to your e-commerce website or even to your physical store. Remember not tp hard-sell; focus on informing them of what's in store for them this holiday shopping season. You can also do some product highlights or wholesale jewelry shopping tips to further pique their interest.

3. Create jewelry categories.

On your e-commerce website, create new landing pages especially for your Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. These pages will be for your new jewelry categories that can help your clients find what they need easily, making the shopping experience faster. For example, you can create a page exclusively for lots of minimalist wholesale fashion rings or for wholesale Swarovski jewelry items. Don't forget to mention these new pages in your newsletters and social media posts as well.

4. Create jewelry gift guides.

As with jewelry categories, you can also opt to create jewelry gift guides. Instead of categories, you can instead create a page for "For Her" and "For Him" jewelry items. That way, clients won't have to scour your website to look for the best deals on wholesale men's jewelry or wholesale women's jewelry.

5. Host a competition on social media a few days before Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Holiday contests effectively engage target customers. Plus, there are so many fun and creative ways to do one. One good example is to encourage your customers to follow your page, share the holiday competition post, and tag friends. Finally ask them to mention in the comments what they think is the best holiday jewelry design in your inventory. The winner, of course, will get that particular jewelry plus discounts which will only be redeemable on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.