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How to Wear Masonic Rings

Learn more about masonic rings and how to wear them.

The main reason for wearing a Masonic ring is to symbolize one's loyalty to the brotherhood. It also shows everyone that they are a member of the Freemason Fraternity. Purchasing and wearing a masonic ring is the "seal of authenticity," which happens when a Mason completes his Master Mason Degree. Masonic rings are considered sacred to the brotherhood and wearing one when you have not been initiated is a disgrace to the fraternity.

So what is the appropriate way to wear it? Some say that you should wear the ring with the symbols facing you to remind you that you are a Freemason. On the other hand, wearing them the other way around allows you to show the world that you are a Freemason.

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Where the "G" faces

Wearing it in a way where you can read the "G" reminds yourself of the tenets of the brotherhood, as well as your obligation to stay within the compass points, and the due bonds of Masonry. If you wear it on the other way around, you are reminding other brothers of the tenets.

Where the points of the compass and square face

If you wear the ring in which the square and compass points are toward you, you will be reminded of how the three great lights were explained in the First Degree. However, once you become the Master of the Lodge, you'll have to turn in the other way around. This is because it is now your obligation to instruct the brotherhood and remain within Freemasonry's due bounds.

Personal meaning

Some brothers wear the compass points away from them as an external symbol of their internal qualities. Some turn them around to remind them of the use of the two instruments. There are different interpretations as to how a masonic ring should be worn. So it is advised not to judge how a brother wears his. He may interpret it in the same way you do or not; he may wear with the points out for the same reason you wear yours with the points in.


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