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Chinese New Year Marketing Tips for Jewelry Businesses

Double your jewelry sales this holiday season with these simple tips.

Chinese New Year Marketing Tips for Jewelry Businesses

February indeed is a big month for jewelry businesses. Aside from Valentine's Day, sales tend to increase because of the Chinese New Year too. People purchase charms for good luck or wear new pieces of jewelry to usher in positive vibes. If you want to attract prosperity for your store, it's best to double your marketing efforts as well. That said, here are some Chinese New Year marketing tips that you can apply to your jewelry business.

Change your store and website theme. 

Keep those red decorations up; Chinese people believe that red is a lucky color! Since 2018 is the Year of the Dog, you can also hang cute photos of dogs alongside Valentine's hearts. Same goes for your online shop. Temporarily change the color palette of your website and choose reds and golds. You can also add greeting banners or pop-ups.

Season inspired website theme

Highlight Chinese-inspired jewelry pieces.

If you are offering pieces with Chinese-inspired designs, now is the time to highlight them. Keep your lucky wholesale fashion jewelry pieces at the top of the page, and boost posts on your social media accounts to reach the right audience. You can also add new photos of these highlighted products with longer descriptions to pique your site visitors' interests.

Ceri Jewelry Wholesale Fashion Jewelry

Engage your customers.

This is perfect for businesses with a huge Chinese customer base. You can encourage them to share their unforgettable new year experiences as a child in the country or in China. You can level up the game by making it a contest on your social media accounts. You can pick one or two winners based on their Chinese New Year experiences, and give them prizes that are related to the holiday. Don't forget to tell them to follow or like your accounts, as well as tag their family and friends for maximum exposure.


Share content that will pique your Chinese customers' interest.

Create a blog post about the holiday and share it on your social media profiles. A style guide for the holiday is a great topic too. Alternatively, you can share an article from a reliable source, and add a very interesting caption. Doing so just shows that you value the Chinese tradition as well as your Chinese customers.

Share content that will pique your Chinese customers interest

Try emotional marketing.

This strategy is perfect as the Chinese New Year is a holiday spent with the family. Tap into their emotions; create a video that will make them remember their roots and their family traditions. Go for an emotional and empowering theme as this strategy proves to be effective. Create a special hashtag for it so users can easily find the video on social media channels.

Try emotional marketing