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How to Clean Stainless Steel Jewelry

Here are some jewelry cleaning tips in time for spring!

How to Clean Stainless Steel Jewelry

Spring is just a few weeks away! Before you go ahead and turn your house upside down with some intense cleaning, start with the small things first. By this, we mean your closet and your accessories collection. And if you own several pieces of stainless steel jewelry, it's time to clean them too! This is true, of course, for shops who sell wholesale fashion jewelry as well. You have to keep the pieces in your inventory looking new. And without further ado, here are some spring cleaning tips for your stainless steel jewelry.

Clean with water.

Clean your fashion jewelry with water

You can clean your jewelry simply with water. All you need is a bowl of warm water and add a few drops of mild liquid soap. Use a soft bristle toothbrush, old or new, to scrub the nooks and crannies of the jewelry pieces. Focus on areas where dirt accumulates -- the prongs and areas behind the stone. Rinse under running water and dry with a clean lint-free cloth.

Use toothpaste.

Use toothpaste for cleaning jewelry

This is one cleaning hack most moms know. Toothpaste can remove stubborn dirt on the surfaces of the jewelry pieces. Do remember though that toothpaste is abrasive. That is why you need to pick a non-whitening variant without silica content. Instead of a toothbrush, use a clean lint-free cloth to rub the paste on the surfaces. Rinse under running water and dry with a soft lint-free towel.

Purchase a stainless steel cleaner.

[caption id="attachment_2790" align="aligncenter" width="533"]stainless steel cleaning solution Source: jtv.com[/caption]

You can also buy a stainless steel cleaner to care for your jewelry. Make sure that it indeed is safe for stainless steel. Otherwise, you might make things worse for your jewelry. Simply follow the cleaning instructions on the package. Wear rubber gloves to keep your hands safe from the chemical.

Go to a professional.

[caption id="attachment_2791" align="aligncenter" width="560"]professional jeweler to clean nasty dirt on your jewelry Source: wikipedia.org[/caption]

If your jewelry is too dirty to clean with household materials, you can opt to go with professional cleaning. Doing so can extend the life of your stainless steel pieces. Professionals will check the prongs and loose stones, hence thoroughly inspect them.

Once you've cleaned all your stainless steel jewelry, it's time to properly store them. Although stainless steel does not corrode or tarnish, it's still prone to scratch. That is why it's important to store pieces separately. Do not mix them with silver, gold, or brass. Instead, try to place them in individual pouches or bags.