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Common Jewelry Mistakes Men Make

You either make it or break it. Here are a few things men should avoid when it comes to accessorizing with jewelry.

Common Jewelry Mistakes Men Make

As with women, men wear jewelry to level up their look. However, not all are comfortable wearing them; they are wired into thinking that jewelry is exclusively for women. It can also be a bit tricky for most men because they do not have the confidence to wear them well. They are scared that they'll end up looking silly or ridiculous. If you are one of these men, you've landed on the right article. Here are some common mistakes to avoid when it comes to men and fashion jewelry.

Thinking that jewelry's only for the ladies.

Thinking that jewelry's only for the ladies

As I mentioned, some men may think that wearing jewelry is just a girl thing. This, of course, is not true. In fact, it was the men who first started accessorizing. Jewelry for men dates back to the ancient times, where they wear them as talismans and amulets. Royalty and clergymen wore rings and brooches in the middle ages. Today, there are a lot of wholesale fashion jewelry pieces made especially for stylish men in the market. That said, there is no need to be 'scared' of accessorizing in the name of fashion.

Wearing pieces that do not match your skin tone.

Wearing pieces that do not match your skin tone

Men should also take into consideration the color of the pieces they're going to wear. They should complement the skin tone. You can find out what color suits you by checking the color of your veins. Having bluish-purple veins means that you have a cool skin tone. Whereas, if they're green, you have warm skin tone. Cool matches silver tone metals while warm looks perfect with yellow gold, brass, and rose gold.

Not wearing them on the right occasions.

Not wearing them on the right occasions

Don't make the mistake of wearing attention-grabbing jewelry at school, courtroom, workplace, and at a funeral. Doing so is rude, and you will come off as arrogant or unprofessional. Bold skull rings are better off worn in parties, gigs, and other casual events. The same goes for men's earrings and large chain necklaces with large pendants.

Overdoing it.

Overdoing your jewelry accessories

Wearing a lot of accessories is overkill. Keep it simple by wearing one or two statement pieces such as a military ring on one hand, and a bracelet on the other. If you plan on wearing a chunky chain necklace, avoid wearing chunky bracelets with it. Instead, pair it with a skull ring or a statement piece of your choice. Remember that these accessories should not overpower your outfit. There may be times, though, when over-accessorizing is acceptable. Music and art festivals are some of the few occasions you can break the rules when it comes to the number of pieces to wear.