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Rules to Wearing Statement Jewelry

Here's a jewelry style guide you can share with your customers.

Rules to Wearing Statement Jewelry

One way of engaging customers in a conversation is by asking them what style they want and giving them some style advice. If you are offering statement wholesale fashion jewelry, you can tell them about the do's and don'ts of wearing bold pieces. This is also a great way to interact with your customers which can then increase customer loyalty. With that said, here are the four rules to wearing statement jewelry.

Don't wear a bold pair of earrings with an equally bold necklace.

Don't wear a bold pair of earrings with an equally bold necklace

Whether it's a pair of tassel or hoop earrings, you should be able to wear statement earrings with confidence. And because they should do all the talking, it's best to wear natural makeup with it. Avoid wearing it with statement necklaces because instead of complementing, they'll end up overwhelming each other.

Don't be scared to wear many rings.

Don't be scared to wear many rings

Draw attention to your digits with lovely statement rings. It can be a mix of the statement and minimalist styles or solely statement. This is perfect for those who love to only wear rings and no other pieces of jewelry. Another tip is to match the color of your nails to the colors of the ring, especially if it's adorned with crystals. Avoid wearing pieces that may clash with your current nail polish color.

Wear statement necklaces based on the neckline of your top.

Wear statement necklaces based on the neckline of your top

You can wear basically any length of statement with any of your clothes, but for it to stand out, you must pair it with the right neckline. Short length statement necklaces are perfect for off-shoulder, v-necked, and scoop-necked tops or dresses because all the attention is focused on the piece. Longer necklaces are ideal for turtlenecks and solid-colored crew neck shirts. Avoid wearing tops or dresses with wild patterns.

Adorn your wrists and arms with show-stopping pieces.

Adorn your wrists and arms with show-stopping pieces

The best bracelets to wear if you want to make a statement are wide cuff bracelets. These are best worn with sleeveless tops or dresses and paired with layered minimalist rings. Wide bangles are ideal too, and they're great for layering with other bracelets. You can go with all two to three bangles mixed with thinner ones. Make sure to wear them on one arm only as having two arms with bangles is overkill.


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