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Cool Facts You Need To Know About Biker Rings

Get to know more about this type of men’s fashion ring and why you need to include it in your store inventory.

tattooed man wearing a black hat, sunglasses, and biker rings
Today, biker rings are worn by non-bikers, men and women alike.

What first comes to mind when you hear the words, ‘biker ring’? For us, it’s an edgy piece of fashion jewelry for men that is worn, well, by big muscular men on bikes. But there is so much to learn about this particular fashion ring design. It has some rich and fascinating history which is worth sharing with your customers.

If you are a jewelry shop selling pieces for men, this article is worth the read. Today, we share with you some really cool facts about men’s (and women's) biker rings, plus actual pieces from our wholesale fashion rings collection:

What are biker rings?

Two-Tone Stainless Steel Epoxy Jet U.S.A. Biker Ring with Eagle from CeriJewelry
CJE2327 Two-Tone Stainless Steel Epoxy Jet U.S.A. Biker Ring

First off, what is a biker ring? It is a statement ring usually worn by men and is made of stainless steel or sterling silver. It also has oxidized or jet black epoxy accents that give the piece that edge and ruggedness. Biker rings are timeless designs of jewelry, and today, both men and women wear them to match their statement shirts, ripped jeans, and Doc Martens.

Where did biker rings originate from?

The Mexican Peso lost its value after the Mexican Civil War in the 1920s, so blacksmiths decided to melt the coins down and turn them into products with value. They turned them into rings, which were obviously worth more than the currency. 

Fast-forward to the 1940s to 50s, the American Motorcycle Clubs would go to the border towns near Mexico and buy these souvenir rings made of silver and brass for just about five US dollars. These rings were replacements for brass knuckles which by then had already become illegal. 

Aside from being legal replacements for brass knuckles, these currency-turned-rings complement the chrome and steel parts and accessories of big bikes and other motorcycle gear. Because of that, these rings immediately became part of the biker culture.

What is the meaning of biker rings?

Stainless Steel Crystal Cross Men's Biker Ring from CeriJewelry
CJG1430 Stainless Steel Crystal Cross Men's Ring

Just like any jewelry piece, biker rings allow the wearer to express themselves and showcase their beliefs and personality. Bikers can show people who they are or what group they belong to through these edgy statement rings.

Biker rings basically represent a biker’s belief about the universe, karma, death, and the afterlife. These rings carry different symbols, and the most common is the skull. The skull is a revered symbol in the biker culture as it represents human mortality. It is also believed to keep the bikers safe in their journeys.

Other symbols on biker rings include totem animals like lions, eagles, and snakes, the cross, and wings, all of which represent good luck, faith, freedom, and excitement.

What is the most common design of biker rings?

Stainless Steel Monster Claw & Skull Ring for Men from CeriJewelry
CJ1930 Men's Stainless Steel Monster Claw & Skull Ring

As mentioned above, the skull is the most common design of biker rings because of its symbolism in biker culture. Skulls are also a popular tattoo design, so men (or women) with skull tattoos can match them with a skull biker ring. Skull rings also usually have oxidized accents to make the design pop out.

Today, you can find biker rings with claws, eagles, the U.S. flag, the cross, and other animals.

Why do people (who are not bikers) wear biker rings?

Men's Stainless Steel with CZ Garnet Lion Ring from CeriJewelry
CJ2339 Men's Stainless Steel High polished AAA Grade CZ Garnet Lion Ring

Biker rings make bikers stand out and allow people to immediately know that they are bikers -- people who look fearless and intimidating. But what about men who are not bikers at all?

Non-bikers who wear biker rings, of course, wear them for the sake of fashion. Skull rings, as well cross and animal rings, give off a rugged, intimidating element to one’s look. Aside from that, non-bikers who wear biker rings may also believe in the symbolism of skulls, the cross, and totem animals. 

On the same note, edgy iconic biker rings are also usually worn by rock and punk musicians, artists, and those who are into the Goth style. Because as mentioned earlier, biker rings have that intimidating and fearless vibe that blends perfectly well in these fashion styles. 

Are biker rings expensive?

Men's Stainless Steel Eagle Biker Ring from CeriJewelry
CJE2319 Men's Stainless Steel Epoxy Jet Eagle Biker Ring

Absolutely not! Unlike fine jewelry, biker rings made of stainless steel or sterling silver are very affordable. In fact, buying biker rings in bulk saves you a lot in the long run. Most wholesale fashion jewelry shops also offer free shipping when you purchase items totaling a certain amount. 

The takeaway

Unisex Skull Ring with Red-Orange Crystal Eye from CeriJewelry
CJE2061 Skull Ring with Red-Orange Crystal Eye

So are biker rings worth selling in your jewelry shop? Of course!

Biker rings are iconic and timeless fashionable pieces of jewelry worn by both men and women today. They give that edgy vibe that can immediately level up a rather dull outfit or provide a contrasting edgy feel to a feminine look. So whether you have biker customers or not, biker rings are definitely worth selling in your jewelry shop today.


Interested in stocking up on biker rings for your inventory this season? Head on to CeriJewelry.com and click on the Biker Ring page for men and the Women’s Skull Rings page for the ladies.