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6 Types of Fashion Rings for Men

Learn the different types of men’s fashion rings today and determine which ones to sell in your jewelry shop.

man wearing a brown jacket and fashion rings covering his face with both hands
The more fashion rings, the better!

Since ancient times, men have been wearing rings to represent their wealth, privilege, social status, and relationship status. Nothing has much changed today, but another reason men wear fashion rings today is to express their personality and beliefs. This is why as a jewelry business, you should be able to carry many different styles of rings for men, and not just for your female customers. 

There are many different types of fashion rings for men, and we will discuss the six common ones for you to be able to determine the best designs that resonate with your target market. Each ring type will also feature a piece from our wholesale fashion rings collection to give a better idea of the ring design.

And without further ado, here are six types of men’s fashion rings:

#1 Masonic Rings

Men's Masonic Ring from CeriJewelry
CJE2666 Wholesale Men's Stainless Steel High polished Top Grade Crystal Jet Masonic Ring

What are masonic rings? These men’s rings symbolize a Freemason member’s loyalty to their mission and values. Masonic rings remind the wearer or the mason of his commitment towards the fraternity, as well as the values and principles the brotherhood promotes. It usually carries the symbol of the brotherhood, which includes the square and compasses with a letter G, representing geometry or God along with the all-seeing eye of the providence. 

#2 Military Rings

Jet Black Epoxy United States Veterans Ring from CeriJewelry
CJ414704J Wholesale Men's Stainless Steel IP Black Epoxy Jet Black United States Veterans Ring

What are military rings? These rings are excellent pieces of jewelry to remind members of the military to commemorate their service and their commitment to duty. Military rings include patriotic designs such as the bald eagle, the U.S. flag, and the veterans’ ring. You can find ones specially made for the Army, Marine Corps, Air Force, Navy, and Coast Guard.

#3 Biker Rings

Two-Tone U.S.A. Biker Ring from CeriJewelry
CJE2327 Wholesale Men's Stainless Steel Two-Tone IP Gold Epoxy Jet U.S.A. Biker Ring

What are biker rings? After the Mexican Revolution, the Peso has become so devalued that Mexican blacksmiths decided to just melt down the coins to make items of higher value. And yes, these items were the biker rings. The trend started in American motorcycle clubs in the 1940s when the brass knuckles were banned. Biker rings were like the legal replacements. Today, these rings come in many different designs -- skull, skeletons, claws, eagles, and lions.

#4 Cross Rings

Men's Cross Ring from CeriJewelry
CJE2229 Renaissance Inspired Men's Cross Ring

What are cross rings? Cross rings are pieces of jewelry that a person wears to represents his faith, strength, and everything that keeps him grounded as an individual. This ring can also be worn by men into the Gothic style of fashion and is sometimes even considered a biker ring. The most common design is the Celtic cross, which symbolizes the Celtic heritage and God's eternal and infinite love. Whatever your beliefs are, cross rings today are an excellent piece of fashion jewelry to complement any clothing style.

#5 Natural Stone Rings

Stainless Steel Synthetic Turquoise Ring for Men from CeriJewelry
CJE3188 Wholesale Men's Stainless Steel Sea Blue Synthetic Turquoise Ring

What are natural stone rings? These pieces, as the name suggests, come with natural crystal accents. This type of ring usually is popular among men with laidback fashion styles, like the Bohemian style. These rings are typically available in a wide variety of designs and stone types, which include turquoise, tiger eye, onyx, and topaz. Natural stone rings are ideal for adding a pop of color to a rather dull-looking outfit or matching an outfit’s prominent color.

#6 Cubic Zirconia Rings

Gold-Plated CZ Ring for Men from CeriJewelry
CJE3079 Wholesale Men's Stainless Steel IP Gold Clear Round AAA Grade CZ Ring

What are cubic zirconia rings? CZ rings are rather on the dressier side of men’s rings. These pieces are ideal for wearing on special occasions or evening events, as they match formal wear. And unlike fine diamond jewelry, cubic zirconia rings are much more affordable, so they are preferred by more men. CZ is available in many different colors and are great alternatives for pricier natural gemstone rings.


CeriJewelry.com carries all these types of men’s rings in its wholesale fashion jewelry collection. Head on to the website to shop and follow this blog for more helpful information, product highlights, jewelry business marketing tips, and style guides.