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Fashion Jewelry Pieces to Brighten Up Your Day

Check out these fashion jewelry pieces that are perfect for selling to customers who need to uplift their spirits.

One of the best ways to pique your target audience's interest in this time is to offer jewelry that can give them good vibes. Many people are experiencing cabin fever and miss the times when they can go out with friends.

So if you are planning to restock your inventory this season, include jewelry pieces that can make people smile. Here are the three best styles to sell to your customers, as well as a few picks from our wholesale fashion jewelry collection as examples:

Jewelry with colorful gems

Colorful crystals in jewelry somehow can make a person smile. It reminds us of the rainbow and its positive effect on people. Rainbows bring out the carefree kid in you! It also reminds us that something good will happen after every challenge.

The Rainbow Gold Plated Stainless Steel Ring is a good example. It features multiple-colored gems that will surely catch anyone's eye. And because it has the colors of the rainbow, it can complement basically any outfit and style. 

Heart jewelry

Jewelry pieces with heart designs signify happy relationships -- not just with a romantic partner, but also with family and friends. It also shows someone that you care, that is why heart jewelry pieces make great presents to people you love.

The Rhodium Heart Swarovski Elements Loop Earrings can immediately boost the mood of its wearer. It features brilliant Swarovski Elements pave crystals on one side of the heart and shiny rhodium plating on the other. This pair is perfect with either casual or dressy looks.

Floral jewelry

Flowers are definitely not just for spring. As with hearts, flowers also signify love, as well as happy memories, and beautiful sceneries. Flowers are beautiful, especially when made into jewelry. They give light-hearted vibes, perfect for those who need a mood booster.

Daisies remind of the sun and cheerfulness, that is why daisy jewelry is an excellent choice to sell. The Rhodium Swarovski Renee Flower Pendant Necklace, in particular, is a good piece, as it features sparkly clear Swarovski crystals that give off rainbow flashes when it is hit with light. This dainty necklace can definitely bring some cheer into a simple outfit!


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