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Ways to Style a Floral Dress This Fall 2020

Learn how to look stylish with fashion jewelry this season.

Floral dresses are not just for spring, as they look pretty stylish during fall too. However, instead of off-shoulder ones, floral dresses this season have long sleeves and have warm, darker colors. 

So how do you style a dark floral dress? Easy. Today, we share this style guide that you can also share with your customers, as well as wholesale fashion rings and other pieces from our collection as suggestions.

Wear gemstone jewelry with the same color as the dress. 

This is probably the easiest way to style a floral dress. Match the color of your jewelry with the primary color of your outfit. So if you are to wear a maroon dress, go with ruby or garnet pieces like the Stainless Steel Ornate Cushion Garnet CZ Cocktail Ring. You can top it off it with a dainty bracelet like the Brass Rhodium Synthetic Ruby Bracelet.

Go girly with rose gold jewelry.

Rose gold is a very feminine color and therefore are perfect for styling with feminine floral dresses. These pieces also complement any type of skin tone, so there is no need to worry about not pulling these pieces off. An equally feminine piece like the Stainless Steel IP Rose Gold Clear Top Grade Crystal Multi-Heart Ring is a good choice, as well as the lovely Stainless Steel IP Rose Gold AAA Grade CZ Clear Lock Heart Earrings.

Wear yellow gold to match warm colors.

Golden yellow is perfect for matching warm fall colors, especially with brown and royal blue. Plus, gold never goes out of style. Gold jewelry works well with most dark floral dresses and gives off such regal elegance. The ring, Stainless Steel IP Gold AAA Grade CZ Topaz Ring, for example, is perfect, as it also has a yellow crystal that matches warm colors. Pair it with the Stainless Steel IP Rose Gold AAA Grade CZ Clear Lock Heart Chain Pendantand to cap off your look.

Make a statement with hoop earrings.

Statement pieces like hoop earrings work well with floral dresses. They accentuate facial features and add a more feminine vibe to your entire look. They're fun and flirty, and you can choose from a variety of styles, colors, and sizes. Large hoops like the Swarovski Elements Crystal 1.5" Hoop Earringsis perfect for dresses with small floral designs. At the same time, the Rhodium Plated Swarovski Elements Crystal 7/8" Half Hoop Earringsare ideal for large floral designs.