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How to Display Men's Jewelry

Find out how to pique the interest of your male customers.

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Fashion jewelry is generally associated with women, and shops have window displays designed to catch the female customers' eye. The same is the case for online jewelry stores, whether it be retail or wholesale fashion jewelry. So if you want to stand out from the competition, offer diversity; make your shop welcoming to your male customers.

Displaying jewelry for women is a piece of cake, pastel colors, and elegant decors pique their interest easily. With men, however, it's a different story.

Here are three display themes that can help you get male customers to check out your shop:

Rustic jewelry display

A rustic display is associated with the countryside, wood, and natural materials. Earthy tones like stone gray, pine green, and mud brown are also considered rustic and very appealing to men. For an easier reference, imagine a cabin in the woods and its homey interior. 

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How do you achieve a rustic jewelry display for men?

A cabin the woods usually have a deer head on one of its walls. You can purchase or create one and use it as a holder for necklaces and chains. Use wooden and leather displays for the other jewelry pieces. Place leather ottoman chairs and a faux bear rug. To level up the customers' shopping experience, turn on a scent diffuser and use a woody or leafy essential oil.

Minimalist jewelry display

Minimalism is a common display theme for jewelry shops because it looks clean, elegant, and welcoming. Dark walls that exude a mysterious vibe that is brightened up with spotlights are very appealing to men.

Source: Zonedisplaycases.com

How do you achieve a minimalist jewelry display for men?

Minimalism means less stuff, so do not place a lot of furniture pieces. Men do not need chairs or benches because they do their shopping quickly. Use simple solid-colored jewelry displays, preferably in dark colors too. The colors of the wall don't have to be black, you can go with chocolate brown, dark gray, or navy blue.

Steampunk jewelry display

Steampunk or post-apocalyptic themes appeal to men, especially those who are gamers or into antique stuff. It has a similar color palette to rustic too -- browns and blacks, plus silver and gold. This theme is appealing to the women also, so you must be careful about what decors to use.

Source: Asthetique.com

How do you achieve a steampunk jewelry display for men?

Decors and accents perfect for this theme include old terrestrial globes, vintage maps, typewriters, antique wooden telescopes, and metal gears. Put up anatomical drawings and herbariums on the wall. You can use old treasure maps as jewelry displays as well as ready-made ones made of metal. You can use old books to showcase.