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How Do I Make Money Selling Fashion Jewelry This Christmas? Here’s how…

Giving away huge discounts and price reductions is the fastest way to get your wholesale fashion jewelry noticed by holiday shoppers this season. And know that attracting customers is not easy especially during the Christmas season since all of the competitors are doing the same thing to be everyone’s apple of the eye.

So today, we are sharing with you 3 effective tips and a number of tricks on how you can make your hottest wholesale fashion jewelry pieces stand out from the crowded jewelry market.

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Offer special online or in store holiday sales

To make your Christmas sale offering even more attractive, here are 3 simple tips that you can implement in your jewelry selling right away:

  1. Send special promotions and discounts to your email database. You can also do this for your store’s loyalty program if you have any. Doing so plays on the premise that it’s cheaper to take care of your current customers than to gain new ones. Going with this kind of Christmas offer can surely get your loyal customers to love you more.

  1. Offer an attractive price reduction. This could be a little tricky since it’s very easy to just bring down the price of an item without taking into consideration your actual profit just so you can bring in a sale. And this can also work the other way around. It could happen that reducing the prices might be difficult when small gains are only foreseen. The key here is to thoroughly check pricing scheme to be able to strike a balance between being attractive and profitable.

  1. Get your sale event out in the open. Advertising your Christmas jewelry sale could spell the difference in the profit that you’d make this holiday season. Make sure to let everyone know about the event at least a week before it happens so that they can prepare well. You can send out fliers, contact previous customers or set up online ads to make your Christmas fashion sale even more successful.

In order to get their most desired attention, you should stand out through your products or do something crazy to push your brand to the top of mind. This is where offering special discounts are very useful because every loves to snag great deals without going over the budget.

Reduce shipping fees or send with no additional costs

If you want to be the preferred jewelry store for many shoppers this Christmas season, you have to give them three things. First is a great selection of rings, necklaces and other pieces. Second is convenience in Christmas Holiday shopping and the last one is freebies. All shoppers love getting things for free!

Make sure you don’t miss out on the opportunity to reach many customers by giving them what they want. Keep your return and exchange policies simple to provide ease of service for them. And of course, what could be more convenient than free, if not affordable, shipping of jewelry set Christmas gift items, right?

Feel free to go the extra mile to woo your customers – Christmas season is the best time for this.

Hold a jewelry makeover promo

Speaking of freebies, another way to go about it is to have a fashion jewelry makeover promo for that one lucky customer. Well, you can give this to as many Christmas shoppers as you like as long as your jewelry store can support it.

Giving away a number of items is a very fun way to encourage customers to shop more in your store during this Christmas season.

Are your fashion jewelry sales up this December?

Please share with us your tips and tricks for growing your business this Christmas season.

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