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How to Attract Online Customers with Creative Display

Learn how to increase online sales with beautiful and creative jewelry displays.

Simply taking high-quality photos of your jewelry products and posting them on your social media pages is not enough. You have to make sure that they don’t look stiff and too professional, or else, your target customers might get bored with photos. Besides compelling captions, you have to upload creative shots from time to time, to pique the interest of potential customers. 

Here are some tips on how to showcase your wholesale fashion rings or any type of jewelry by using your creativity:

Go vintage.

Source: Pinterest.com | Amanda Tuttle  

Turn an old suitcase into a jewelry display! This is perfect for sellers who are trade and craft show regulars because it doubles as a storage as well. You’ll just need some sewing pins for hanging necklaces and bracelets, and DIY slots made of foam and burlap for the rings. 

You can find old suitcases in antique or thrift shops at low prices, or ask grandma if she has one.

Target customers with a sweet tooth.

Source: Auntpeaches.com

Got old chocolate tin cans? They are actually great for displaying stone rings. You can buy mini cupcake liners in different colors that will match the color of the stones. If you are going to display diamond rings or white crystal rings, better go with white, like the ones in the photo.

As with the old suitcase, chocolate tin cans are also perfect for traveling sellers as they also double as storage. Plus, they’re generally sturdy, so you’re sure that the rings are protected.

Be seasonal.

Source: Georgiapdesigns.wordpress.com

Umbrellas are for spring showers, but they can be turned into jewelry displays too. Hook earrings, in particular, can be hung on old umbrellas. Go for ones in solid colors because those with patterns would look cluttered, and the earrings will not be as noticeable. And because umbrellas require space, they make great space fillers in your shop.

You can use umbrellas to display rain-inspired designs too. So if you have hook earrings with raindrop, cloud, or rainbow charms, use an old umbrella to showcase them.

Go natural.

Source: Etsy.com | FrankieCrystals

If you have pearl jewelry, you can display them by using shells. Apply paint on the inside of oyster shells to make sure that they don’t smell. Use gilded paint in gold and silver to add shine on the shells and to complement the jewelry.

If you do not like oysters, you can also use other seashells instead. Huge clams for pearl necklaces and big cowries for hook pearl earrings are great ideas too.