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How to Be a Legit Online Jewelry Seller

Planning to sell jewelry online? Here are eight tips to make people shop confidently in your online jewelry store.

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The pandemic has urged many businesses to pivot and shift online, and jewelry stores were no exception. Although online jewelry shops already existed even before the health crisis, the number significantly increased due to the increase in online shoppers. The growing number of online jewelry stores means the number of scammers and fake businesses has also increased.

In fact, Statista found in 2021 that 75 percent of online merchants reported a net increase in fraud attempts since the start of the pandemic. The boom in online sales and purchases resulting from the health crisis offered scammers a new window of opportunity. It is no wonder many shoppers are worried about new businesses online.

So how can you be a legit online jewelry seller? Aside from investing in high-quality wholesale fashion jewelry pieces, here are eight ways to consider:

  1. Make sure your website is secure.
  2. Include all important business information.
  3. Upload high-quality “real” photos.
  4. Post the prices of the jewelry pieces.
  5. Be on social media.
  6. Publish customer feedback if applicable.
  7. Fulfill your promises to your customers.
  8. Offer various payment methods and a money-back guarantee.

#1 Make sure your website is secure.

There are two ways to make sure your e-commerce store is secure. Without a secure website, your customers' privacy and sensitive information can be put at stake, so make sure your site’s URL starts with HTTPS.

According to Google, you can enable HTTPS on your hosting service if you use CMS like WordPress, Blogger, or Wix. You can also get a security certificate to enable HTTPS for your website, which is issued by a certificate authority (CA). The process includes steps to verify that your web address belongs to your business, protecting your customers from attacks. You can always consult a website professional if this is too technical for you.

#2 Include all important business information.

You should always include a physical business address, even if you are mainly just operating online. In that case, you can publish your city address – the county, state, and zip code will do. Put your contact numbers and email address too. 

On the same note, putting the links to your social media profiles would greatly help too. Your goal is to be easily contacted by customers in case they have questions about their orders or have suggestions. Having none of this info will make shoppers suspicious of your store.

#3 Upload high-quality “real” photos.

Aesthetic, high-quality pictures of your jewelry products will appeal to your target customers. These pictures should be clickable and can be magnified so shoppers can see the tiny details of the jewelry. Try taking photos of the products from different angles as well.

As for “real” photos, you should also consider uploading images of the jewelry being worn by real people. Plus points if you can include a short video. That way, customers can get an idea of what the jewelry piece looks like in real life, and they wouldn’t assume that the product photos are Photoshopped.

#4 Post the prices of the jewelry pieces.

Another way to gain the trust of your customers is to state the prices upfront. No hidden charges. Not publishing the prices can also lead to shoppers thinking that you are offering a different price to every customer.

Be consistent and straightforward to gain the trust of your online shoppers. You also make shopping a whole lot easier for people who are ready to purchase as they do not need to send you a message or comment asking for the price.

#5 Be on social media.

As mentioned above, you should also consider adding links to your social media profiles on your website. Being active on social media is a quick way for potential buyers to check whether you are a legit jewelry business or not. However, you should make sure that you are posting relevant and engaging content regularly – merely having an account will not benefit your business.

You can share relevant blog articles, user-generated content, and industry news. Post Stories and Reels that feature your products. Make sure to always respond to comments and direct messages, whether they may be of positive or negative natures.

#6 Publish customer feedback if applicable.

eMarketer found that almost all survey respondents said that positive customer reviews increased their trust in a brand, and 80.1 percent said they trusted companies with many customer reviews. Plus, if a business replied to negative comments, that would increase brand trust for 79.9 percent of those surveyed.

The survey results highlight the importance of genuine customer reviews, so if you get one, make sure to publish it on your website on a separate web page or share it on your social media channels. Feedback matters so much to start-up jewelry businesses, as only a few know about the brand.

#7 Fulfill your promises to your customers.

A good business stays true to its word. If you make promises to customers, make sure to fulfill them. For example, if you are giving away freebies for an order that reaches a certain amount, ensure that you send them to eligible orders. 

Another example is providing detailed product information and ensuring they are correct. If you state that a fashion ring is made of sterling silver, send them the exact piece described in the listing. Being dishonest and not fulfilling promises will garner you negative feedback and will immediately shoo away potential customers.

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#8 Offer various payment methods and a money-back guarantee.

Finally, shoppers’ confidence in purchasing from your store increases if you provide different payment methods. It also makes the shopping experience quicker and more convenient.

As for a money-back guarantee, this offer promotes ease when shopping in a fairly new online jewelry store. Free returns and exchanges in 30 days allow customers to quickly return a fashion ring of the wrong size or have mistakenly bought a necklace with a different pendant design.

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