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How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Rings

Here are a few tips on how to pick your lifetime rings.

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Rings

Aside from choosing your wedding date, venue, dress, and suit, rings are also one of the things that are tough to pick. A considerable amount of time to choose is needed because you both will wear these rings for as long as you live. We know the struggle, so check out this guide that will help you choose your rings.

Narrow down your choices.

First up, decide on what material you want -- sterling silver, stainless steel, tungsten, gold, platinum, or silicone. Then, decide whether you like them with crystals or without. If you choose the latter, then decide on what kind of stone you wish to have on your rings.

Consider your lifestyle.

Consider your work and lifestyle. If one of you has a job that requires the use of hands like construction or mechanical work, it's best to get tungsten carbide. This metal is known for being the most scratch-resistant. If you are sports lovers, silicone is the best choice for comfort. Slimmer rings with rounded edges are also ideal for musicians so it won't be a hinder to playing instruments.

Set a ring budget.

Budget is one of the factors that you should consider. If you are ready to spend a lot, then you can go with high-quality metals like gold and platinum. The same goes for the crystal embellishments. If you do not have much budget, you can decide on less pricey alternatives like stainless steel which is both durable and aesthetic. These rings are offered by various wholesale fashion jewelry sellers and are easy to find.

Buy them together.

It's always best that you two buy the rings together. So in case one of you changes your mind, you can talk about it and pick another one right then and there. You get to see the final pieces, try them on, and ask each others' opinion on how it looks on your finger. This also lessens the chance of arguments in the future.

Size them right.

You should also make sure to size them right. Heat causes fingers to swell, while the cold causes them to shrink. So it's best to schedule final ring fitting when your body temperature is normal, and not when you're just fresh from a workout or when the weather is freezing.