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How to Display Jewelry with Stones

Showcase the beauty of these pieces in the best ways possible.

How to Display Jewelry with Stones | CeriJewelry.com

If you are a seller of wholesale fashion jewelry with stones, then you know how they can be a bit tough to display. This is because they come in many different colors and some displays might not complement their designs. Don’t fret, because this week, we will give you some tips on how to display jewelry pieces that are studded with gems and crystals.

Use solid-colored displays.

Use solid-colored displays for jewelry with gems and crystals

Solid-colored jewelry displays are best for jewelry pieces with multi-colored stones. This is to avoid the clash of colors or looking too busy and painful to the eyes. But be careful of what color to choose; white is best for this type of jewelry as it allows the varying hues of crystals to stand out.

Use ones made of metal.

Metal jewelry displays are perfect for jewelry pieces with stones
Source: Etsy.com | MtnGrit

Some of the modern jewelry displays sold today are made of metal and have minimalist designs. Because of this, they are perfect for showcasing pieces with large stones, like a ring with a huge center stone or a necklace with a large gem pendant. The minimalist style of the display complements the boldness of the jewelry pieces.

Use burlap covered displays.

Burlap jewelry displays are perfect for jewelry with colorful gems
Source: Etsy.com | ViktoriaMannequin

Burlap-covered displays are also a good choice for stone jewelry. These exude a fun spring and summer vibe, so they are ideal for pieces inspired by these seasons. They look perfect if you have a Bohemian-themed display as well. As with a white display, the burlap ones are also able to make these jewelry pieces' beauty stand out even more.

Go DIY with your displays.

You can create DIY jewelry displays for your jewelry with crystals and gems
Source: Tumblr | thebohemiangirl

If you do not prefer to buy jewelry displays, then you can always make your own. Just make sure that the colors wouldn't clash with the crystals. If you are selling statement jewelry, go with a minimalist design. On the other hand, if you are selling minimalist jewelry pieces with stones, create displays with more eye-catching designs. Great examples are old teacups, old picture frames, and old bottles.


Which of these would you try on your next craft show gig or your window display? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!