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How to Professionally Display Jewelry

Your store may sell the most stylish retail or wholesale fashion rings, but passers-by will pay no attention to them if they are not displayed properly. If your jewelry display is so eye-catching, even a person who isn’t into wearing jewelry will most likely notice it. 

An effective display is one that has the perfect balance of restraint and style. Your jewelry display should highlight the pieces which should fade into the background, making people curious enough to take a second look. 

If your current store display seems to lack attention-grabbing qualities, here are some tips that you can follow:

Match your displays with your jewelry’s personality.

Jewelry displays should be designed with a personality in mind. They should reflect the style of pieces, so be creative with the use of decors, props, and backgrounds. For example, if you offer vintage-styled rings, perfect props are old books, old newspapers, and dried flowers. Go for the romantic old-world charm that will remind them of love stories and happy endings.

Make sure to focus on the jewelry and not on the display.

Sometimes, we can get carried away with how we design the display and steer away from the main focus, which is the jewelry. Always make sure your jewelry pieces are the main attraction, so avoid setting up backgrounds with busy patterns or adding too many props.

Play with lighting.

Spotlights are very important in a jewelry display. Lights instantly add sparkle to jewelry pieces and turn the attention of people to them. Make sure to provide spotlights to jewelry that you want to highlight, especially those displayed by the window.

Consider various display heights.

Placing jewelry flat on the table lacks personality and depth. You can add variation by changing the displays' heights to break the monotony and create visual interest. Doing so allows people’s eyes to moving from one jewelry display to another, allowing them to check out all your jewelry. You can experiment with various display angles, too, like curved, diagonal, and straight.

Highlight your best jewelry.

Stimulate passers-by’s curiosity by highlighting your most eye-catching and intricately designed jewelry. Doing so will make people want to know more about that piece, and even if they do not plan to buy the particular jewelry, they will be able to check out the other jewelry pieces you offer.