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How to Style Work From Home Outfits

Learn how to look presentable and stylish even when working in the comfort of your home.

Women in the corporate world need to look professional and confident. Even with work from home measures, they still need to look presentable in case they need to have video conferences on Zoom. Aside from wearing a freshly ironed business suit or dress, wearing the right accessories can level up their corporate look.

Make sure to always look stylish in front of the webcam. Here are a few style tips for women who work from home, as well as picks from our wholesale fashion jewelry collection:

Wear one piece that stands out.

Pick a piece that will make a statement, and take note, only one. So if you’re wearing a necklace with a big pendant, you don’t need to wear a pair of statement earrings. Go for stud earrings or just skip wearing them. Wearing multiple statement jewelry won’t look nice on the camera and also takes the attention away from your face.

CeriJewelry’s pick:

N7177 Rhodium Swarovski Oval Pendant Necklace Olivine

Always choose a piece that exudes classy elegance. This olivine pendant necklace does just that. Its design is simple, yet it looks stunning enough to wear with any business outfit.

Go with a pair of earrings if you want only one accessory.

Webcams usually can only see your face and your upper torso. So the best accessory to wear if you only prefer one piece is a pair of earrings. Earrings also balance and enhance your facial features, so it’s important to choose the right pair. If you have a square face, go with earrings that have rounded designs. On the other hand, if you have a round face, wear earrings with linear styles to highlight your jawline.

CeriJewelry’s pick:

CJ194 Wholesale Women's Stainless Steel AAA Grade CZ Clear Double Diamonds Earrings

This pair of earrings are perfect for women with oval or round faces as the elongated design can define the jawline. Each piece also features triple-A grade CZ stones that give just the right brilliance and register well on camera.

Top off your look with a fashion ring.

Even if webcams can only see your head and torso, you can still accessorize your fingers. A fashion ring can bring attention to your hands when you are talking and making gestures. Don’t overdo it, though. Save the layering to a casual Friday look.

CeriJewelry’s pick:

CJG2657 Rose Gold Lust Pave Crystal Heart Eternity Ring

This gorgeous rose gold ring can complement any type of skin tone. Its braided design is made even more eye-catching with sparkly clear top-grade crystals.


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