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How to Sell Jewelry to Men

Engaging men to shop for jewelry is tough, but with these tips, selling to them would be as easy as pie.

Men wearing a matching bracelet and necklace

One of the challenges of a jewelry seller to attract male customers. This is because women are naturally easier to sell accessories to, whether it be wholesale fashion rings or scarves. Men generally prefer to shop for stuff related to sports, gaming, and technology.

If you have failed marketing to the male species, then fret not. Today, we are giving you some helpful tips on how to sell your jewelry to them.

Man wearing a necklace and watch looking at his phone

Create a men-only space.

If you sell jewelry both for men and women, separate an area in your shop and make it a place exclusively for your male customers. This space should be entirely different from the space dedicated to women, allowing both spaces to stand out. It is recommended to choose one that is near the entrance of your shop, so you can pique the interest of male passers-by.

Create a masculine environment in that space.

Unlike women, men generally do not like mirrors, especially large ones in a shop. Any tech device like a huge LED TV screen, on the other hand, is more appealing to them. So use a small table mirror instead, in case they need to see how a piece looks on them. Go for darker wall colors as well and minimal lighting. Focus lighting fixtures on your items on display instead.

The jewelry displays should have a masculine theme.

Stay away from displays or holders that scream feminine. Use monochromatic ones, preferably made of metal or acrylic in dark colors. You can also add decors of masculine themes like models of cars, toys like Funko Pop, and board games. You can also go for a steampunk style with the use of mechanical props or antique contraptions.

Provide these men chairs!

When it comes to shopping with their ladies, these men always look for benches and stools to sit on. You can apply this in your "men space" by providing comfortable chairs for them while they shop. You can also place tables and decorate the tops with anything that can pique their interest like an action figure, a sports-related decor, or a cool gadget.