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How to Style Stackable Rings

Here are a few tips on stackable rings that you can share with your customers.

Minimalist stackable rings are one of the popular pieces in the market today. Aside from being so comfortable to wear, they come in many stylish in-trend designs and do not burn a hole in your pockets.

So whether you are a small-time jewelry seller or a wholesale fashion jewelry seller, it's best to know these tips to further pique the interest of your customers and to understand how to effectively market them. So without further ado, below are seven style tips for stackable rings.

5 Sets of Ceri Jewelry Stackable Fashion Rings of different colors and designs
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Stack on one finger.

For first-time "stackers," you can suggest to them to stack the rings on one finger first. Doing so is a great way to keep the look minimalist and simple. Offer midi rings or ones in smaller sizes as well to keep the layers even more eye-catching.

Complement with one statement piece.

To add more oomph to the look, you can tell them to get one statement piece and wear them on one of the fingers -- the thumb or ring finger. It's an excellent way to offset the thin minimalist bands and add texture to the layered look.

Complement with bracelets.

Bracelets are also one of the supporting accessories for layered fashion rings. They can add just the right amount of oomph to the look. It wouldn't matter whether they are layered thin bracelets or chunky ones, just as long as they can complement the designs and colors of the rings.

Match with your nail polish.

Next, stackable rings can also be matched with the color of the wearer's nail polish, because, why not? This can either be done by matching the metal plating of the pieces, like gold or silver nail polish. Alternatively, they can match them with the color of the stones or crystals of the rings.

Go for the thinnest ones.

Wearing the thinnest rings is the way to go to level up the stackable ring game without going overboard. You can tell your customers to get the most delicate designs in your inventory if they plan to wear multiple pieces. Again, it's best that they go with different sizes to wear them at the end of their fingers, by the knuckle, and near the tip.

Mix and match.

Next up, tell them to not be afraid to be mix and match. By this, we mean the mixing and matching of metal platings, like gold and silver. There are stackable sets that come in these three or more colors so you can offer them for starters if they are available in your inventory. Alternatively, they can also mix and match the colors of the stones of these rings as well.

Be cohesive.

Lastly, your customers can also go for the cohesive look. This is by wearing rings with stones of the same colors. Although they can opt to wear ones with different metal platings, it is recommended that they wear pieces of the same metal color and stones, but with different styles to add texture and depth.