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How to Style a Tuxedo

Here's a simple style guide for men who are not used to wearing tuxedos.

How to Style a Tuxedo
So you are invited to a Black Tie event, and your presence is most expected, almost mandatory. You have no choice but to attend and wear a tuxedo. You have never worn one, or already have, but that was ages ago, so you absolutely have no idea how to wear one and style it. Don't you worry, CeriJewelry has come to the rescue! Here's a simple and straightforward guide on how to style a tuxedo for your special occasions.

Stick with tradition.

How to Style a Tuxedo
This is the number 1 rule to wearing a tuxedo. Experts would say to go classic -- choose a notch lapel, single-breasted jacket. The pants should have a single silk strip down the side. When it comes to the fit, it should be a perfect fit in the shoulders, and the jacket should fall perfectly against your torso without getting wrinkled or folded.

Go with a subdued shirt.

How to Style a Tuxedo
There are two types of tuxedo shirts -- the traditional point collar and the wing collar. Both of these are acceptable as classic styles. On the same note, plain and pleated fronts are also both considered as classics. Do make sure though that the shirt you are going with has French cuffs styled with cuff links.

Choose the right tie.

How to Style a Tuxedo
You should get a black silk bow tie that you tie yourself. Do not go with a clip on or a straight tie. Although bow ties come in many colors and material, it's always safe to choose black silk. It's safe to wear a bow of another color if you're the groom and you're wearing the selected color scheme. Stay away from novelty bow ties as they do not belong in Black Tie events.

Do not go overboard with accessories.

How to Style a Tuxedo
The rule to wearing accessories and jewelry is to do so sparingly. Wear only one ring (wedding ring for the married, a simple fashion ring for the single), a classic wristwatch with a black leather strap, and as mentioned above, cuff-links. As for your socks, black silk socks with mid-calf length or knee-high would do. You can add a pocket square, and it should match the color of your bow tie.

Wear the right shoes.

How to Style a Tuxedo
You can never go wrong with highly polished Oxfords. They should be round-toed and has a plain design. Stay away from fancy stitching, tassels, and pointed toe or square-toed shoes. If polished Oxfords are not available, patent leather shoes are acceptable. Again, make sure that they're plain and round-toed.
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