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How to Style Tie-Dye Outfits

Whether it’s a sweater or a dress, these styling techniques will surely level up your entire look this season.

If there’s a cool thing that happened during the pandemic, it’s the comeback of the tie-dye style. Even if summer has gone, fashion influencers have been wearing this print, from shirts to socks, and even scrunchies. 

The bright tie-dye colors exude such happy, feel-good vibes, so if you want to uplift your spirits, wearing tie-dye outfits will definitely make you feel better. Because the usual designs involve many colors, styling tie-dye clothes can be a challenge. So if you're racking your brain on how to style that tie-dye dress sitting in your closet for weeks now, don’t worry. Below are some fashion tips to know how to wear these psychedelic colors with your wardrobe and accessories.


Complement a tie-dye shirt or dress with a cocktail ring.

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The typical tie-dye design is the rainbow spiral. Choose one from those colors and wear a statement ring with a stone of the same hue. If you’re into green, an emerald-colored Moissanite ring is a good choice. Moissanites are diamond simulants, so these gems are very brilliant and as eye-catching as your tie-dye shirt. 

Wear a solid-colored pair of earrings.

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Tie-dye is a busy pattern, and you don’t want them to lose the spotlight by wearing earrings that have too much going on with them. With that said, settle for a solid-colored pair of earrings. As with the fashion ring, choose pieces with a crystal with a similar color in your tie-dye outfit. The topaz dangle earrings have toned down yellow hue perfect for wearing with a pastel rainbow tie-dye shirt.

Pair with high-waisted jeans.


An oversized tie-dye shirt always looks perfect with a pair of high-waisted jeans. To level up your look, roll or fold your shirt's sleeves and do a simple front tuck with a knot. To do this, fold up your shirt in the back, gather the leftover fabric in the front, twist to form a spiral, wrap it around the ball, and pull the end piece through. If your high-waisted jeans are long and baggy, you can fold them up too. 

Go with white shoes.

White sneakers are the best way to balance anything that falls outside of your wheelhouse. And it’s also key to toning down the busy-ness of tie-dye patterns. Wearing black shoes somehow takes away the “happiness” of the look, so opt for something light if you do not have a white pair of shoes. Pastel pink or mint sneakers look great too.


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