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Why Sell Moissanite Rings

Attract more customers with a new range of products -- Moissanite fashion rings.

Diamond rings are quite expensive and not very practical, especially now that we are in a pandemic. With that said, people are looking for good alternatives that are more affordable but look as gorgeous. 

Moissanite rings are one of the best diamond ring alternatives in the market today. These pieces are starting to gain popularity in the fashion jewelry industry, so whether you sell retail or wholesale fashion jewelry, Moissanite jewelry deserves to be included in your inventory.

Wholesale Women's Pave Ring in 925 Sterling Silver from CeriJewelry
Wholesale Women's 2 CT Moissanite Pave Ring in 925 Sterling Silver

Still not convinced? Here are the top three reasons why you should sell Moissanite rings:

Moissanites give off more sparkles than diamonds do.

Moissanite stones have more "fire" than diamonds. This means that when they are hit by light, they give off more gorgeous sparkles more than a diamond does. Moissanites remain brilliant even in a dim room, which makes them perfect for accessorizing evening wear.

Why is this so? A crystal's brilliance meter depends on how it reflects white light. Diamonds have a 2.42 score on the brilliance refractive scale, while Moissanites are at 2.65.

Moissanites are ethically-created.

Because Moissanites are extremely rare today, those being sold in the market are now lab-created. However, it is important to note that lab-grown Moissanites aren't fake, as they have the same chemical makeup as those found naturally. They are just grown in a different place.

Since there is no need to mine for these crystals, Moissanites are ethical, environment-friendly products. This quality makes them ideal for offering to ethically-conscious customers.

Moissanites are almost as strong as diamonds.

In the Moh's hardness scale, diamonds score 10, making it a very hard crystal. Moissanites are not too far behind because this crystal's score on the scale is 9.25. That means Moissanite rings are durable enough for everyday wear. This crystal can withstand wear and tear and has fewer chances to chip or get scratches.

Moissanite rings then make perfect engagement rings, as they can be worn without the fear of the stone getting damaged. The same is the case for casual fashion rings, especially for those who regularly partake in vigorous physical activities.