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Moissanite Rings: The Best Diamond Ring Alternatives

Looking for an alternative to diamond rings to sell to your customers? Offer them Moissanite rings.

Because diamonds can get pretty pricey, selling them can be challenging, as customers are now more practical because of the health crisis. If you have customers planning to get engaged or get married but have a small budget, offer them Moissanite rings.

What are Moissanites?

A Moissanite, like cubic zirconia, is a diamond simulant. It is made from the mineral silicon carbide and discovered by the French scientist Henri Moissan while studying some rock samples from a meteor crater. 

Because silicon carbide is very rare, Moissanites today are lab-created. This does not mean they are fake, as they are made with the very same chemical makeup. The only difference is the place where they are grown.

How different does a Moissanite look from a diamond?

Moisannites sparkle differently from a diamond and have a much more colored sparkle or fire. Earlier Moissanites were yellowish-green in color, but just recently, near-colorless ones are now available.

How hard are Moissanites?

Moissanites are almost just as hard as a diamond; its hardness is 9.25 to 9.5 on the Moh’s scale, while diamond, as we know, is at 10. This feature of a Moissanite definitely makes it the perfect alternative to a diamond if you are looking for a hard crystal. 

Are Moissanite rings ethical?

As mentioned earlier, Moissanite gems today are created in labs. That means there is no need to mine. Moissanite gems are made with fewer carbon footprints and are environmentally-friendly, making them perfect for couples looking for ethically-made jewelry.

Where can you buy wholesale Moissanite rings?

CeriJewelry.com currently offers Moissanite wholesale fashion rings, earrings, and necklaces. You can find Moissanite rings with either clear or emerald green gems, and all pieces are in sterling silver metal.