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How To Use Wholesale Fashion Jewelry For A Good Cause

As an entrepreneur, it is normal to be profit-oriented. However, there comes a time when you also need to look beyond making money and think about the greater good. Doing things other than for money opens a lot of opportunities for good karma. You can get good karma by using wholesale fashion jewelry for a good cause in the form of free positive PR, since you are establishing a relationship with your community. Aside from outright donations, here are other creative and effective ways to use wholesale fashion jewelry for a good cause.

1. If you have school-age children and you are a member of the PTA, take advantage of the opportunity to let your co-parents know about your wholesale fashion jewelry business. Offer them special rates during gift giving seasons as a way of helping them with their shopping budget. During school fairs, ask to set up your own table or booth and tell customers that all profits from that day will be donated to a chosen club in the school.

2. Create a special “charity” wholesale fashion jewelry line. These could pre-selected pieces which when sold will be donated to a charity. You can add more meaning to this by associating it with a cause. For example, on Breast Cancer Awareness Month, donate your charity line to a breast cancer support group. Not only is this good for the soul, it is also a good way to differentiate yourself from other entrepreneurs in the wholesale fashion jewelry industry.

3. In addition to procuring your fashion items from a wholesale fashion jewelry supplier, you can encourage non-profit and charitable groups to contribute their own fashion jewelry designs or creations. Use your own online or offline jewelry business space to sell these specially designed items and donate a portion (or all) of the profit to the organizations that contributed them. By doing so, you can benefit from positive word-of-mouth advertising from these groups and you can also create a niche market.