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Tips In Creating A Marketable Wholesale Fashion Jewelry Collection

Choosing whichwholesale fashion jewelry pieces to include in your catalog may seem like a no-brainer but this can actually help you build on the strengths of your business and establish the right image for your company. With so many wholesale fashion jewelry collections to choose from both online and offline, creating a marketable catalogue is definitely a challenge. Here are some tips to help you come up withwholesale fashion jewelry collections that will truly sell.


1. Think like a customer.

Sure, each customer has a different taste when it comes to fashion accessories and you cannot possibly channel all those different preferences. As tempting as it may seem, do not try to please everybody all at once. This may confuse your customers and will not help you stand out in a sea of other wholesale fashion jewelry merchants. This can also lead to unsold items in your inventory, which will eventually eat into your profits. What you can do is zero in on a particular style per collection. This may not draw in everybody but it will hook a particular and dedicated niche in your market.

2. Look at what the celebrities are wearing. 

This involves research and constant monitoring. Read fashion and entertainment magazines and watch celebrity-oriented shows. If you have a really keen eye for fashion, you can even “set” the next wholesale fashion jewelry trend by coming up with a collection that you think will be the next big hit.

3. Use social media tools to get customer insight. 

If you are on Facebook or Twitter or if you have a company blog, use these social media tools to reach out to your target market and ask them about wholesale fashion jewelry pieces that they want to see. You can even turn it into a promo wherein the participant with the most creative answer will get a discount on their next purchase. Of course, when you do ask them, make sure to actually consider their suggestions or you risk offending your potential customers.