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How Yelp Benefits Jewelry Shops

Learn why having a Yelp listing can help your jewelry business.

Source: Blog.yelp.com

Yelp is the country's most popular online directory and currently has 73.9 million unique desktop users and 104 million unique mobile users. And, a whopping 97% of online adults transact with businesses they discovered on Yelp. With those statistics alone, there is no other reason why a wholesale fashion jewelry business or a startup jewelry store like yours shouldn’t be on the website.

Source: Blog.yelp.com

Aside from having a ready audience with purchase intent, here are the five benefits of having a Yelp business listing for your jewelry business:

People will discover your jewelry business easier.

Having a business listing will make it much easier for Yelp users to find and reach you. That is why you must provide your contact information in your profile so potential customers can quickly call or send you a message. Because Yelp’s layout on both the website and mobile app is simple, users can contact you with just the click or tap of a button.

Brand credibility increases if you are on Yelp.

People doing research on a particular business will typically check on Yelp. Not being listed on the site may deem your business as not reliable and credible to some. And because of that, potential customers will opt for another jewelry shop that has a listing on Yelp.

You’ll get genuine reviews.

Reviews and referrals are becoming the new word of mouth advertising, as consumers trust other consumers’ opinions and personal recommendations more than a business’ ads. And people go to Yelp for such information when they're researching a jewelry brand or company. Having a business listing with genuine reviews makes your business more credible and trustworthy.

You’ll get more exposure.

As mentioned earlier, Yelp currently has millions of users. So merely being on the site gives your jewelry business a lot of exposure. This is especially true with a listing with good reviews, so work on providing new customers with excellent customer service to encourage them to leave reviews too.

You can advertise for better discovery.

Yelp ads place your business on top for consumers looking for a business like yours in your local area to see you first. The ads appear in various places, such as the search results page and even on your competitors’ listings. Yelp also offers many other types of upgrades to make your listing even more discoverable to your target customers.