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How Email Marketing Can Help Your Jewelry Business

Learn the reasons why you should include email marketing in your business strategies.

Some may say email marketing is dead. But that is not true. According to marketing experts, 98% of marketers consider their email marketing strategies successful in bringing new leads. So why not try it with your jewelry business?

Today, we will share how email marketing can be beneficial to your jewelry business, whether you sell wholesale fashion rings or handmade jewelry online.

Emails are perfect for promotions 

One way to effectively let your customers know about your product promotions is by sending an email about them. The chances of customers reading it increase if your subject title is engaging and compelling. Quality email content should include original copy and high-quality images. 

Remember to be straightforward and to include a single call-to-action button at the end of the email that will link to your website. Be sure to focus on only one topic, as having too many will confuse your audience and, worse, turn them off.

Create and maintain relationships with your customers 

You can get more personal with your customers by nurturing relationships with them. As soon as you receive their email addresses in the system, make sure to send them a welcome and thank-you message. Then briefly offer some jewelry tips and encourage them to check out your social media pages. 

As for the succeeding emails, make sure to avoid hard-selling. Instead of just sending emails about your products, send informational emails that will be of interest to them. Such topics include how to clean jewelry, how to fix a tangled necklace, and other subjects relating to the fashion and jewelry industry. Doing so will definitely maintain a good relationship with your customers.

Emails are great for sending greetings and well-wishes

Send emails to your customers during each holiday of the year. It is much like reminding them that they need to check out your jewelry store to get their friends and family presents. After the greeting, you can encourage them to check out your website in case they need to buy someone a gift for the current holiday. Again, no hard-selling, make it seem like just a friendly reminder.

On the same note, you can also send them a birthday email, which should include an exclusive birthday discount code. Encourage the receiver to purchase by letting them know that they deserve a new pair of earrings or a bracelet on their special day.


Email marketing indeed can boost your business as it can be used in various ways to connect to your customers. Alongside other marketing strategies such as social media marketing, sending emails will help increase sales and traffic to your website.