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Jewelry Business Tips: How To Create Engaging Videos

Learn how to quickly grasp the attention of your target audience with marketing videos.

people filming a woman wearing fashion jewelry on set

Because a huge number of businesses have shifted online, the Internet is heavily saturated with content, particularly visual content. Many businesses, including those from the jewelry industry, are utilizing videos to quickly capture their target audience’s attention. One reason for this is that 88% of people would like to see more video content from brands.

Video indeed is the most effective type of content today and has established itself as a crucial pillar of brand communication. However, this also means that competition is tougher than ever before. Not going with the flow can mean a massive loss for your jewelry shop.

Suppose you're looking for ways to make your business survive in this digital age. In that case, you will need to focus on creating video content aside from investing in quality wholesale fashion jewelry. Here are five tips on creating engaging videos for your target customers:

  1. Keep the videos short.
  2. Build up your viewers’ excitement.
  3. Tell a story.
  4. Engage emotions.
  5. Use eye-catching visuals.

#1 Keep the videos short.

Short videos are perfect for sharing on social media because users usually quickly scroll through their feed. These videos tend to have higher retention rates than five-minute videos and are more likely to grab a viewer’s attention. In fact, Hubspot found that 51 percent of marketers who use short-form videos plan to increase their investment this year. Also, these videos have the highest ROI of any social media marketing strategy.

With that said, be as straightforward as possible. Focus on the key information and shorten the script. If your video topic is about how to clean stainless steel jewelry, state it right away in the first few seconds. Then each frame must have a bulleted tip for easy understanding.

#2 Build up your viewers’ excitement.

An effective way of building up the excitement of your viewers is by starting the video with a question, a challenge, or a strong statement. Curiosity is the driving force of human development and progress – it is ingrained in us and helps us learn as little babies and survive as adults. Take advantage of this and urge your audience to want to know what, why, when, where, and how.

One good way to do this is to pick the most exciting part of the video and add them as a quick collage at the beginning. Then add the question, challenge, or statement to immediately create an interest in the minds of your viewers. One such example is for showcasing new pieces of jewelry in your inventory. You can start the video with a strong statement like, “Fresh new fashion jewelry now available,” while you show close-up shots of the particular pieces.

#3 Tell a story.

Storytelling is crucial when it comes to engaging your audience with your videos. It allows you to move away from the hard-selling method of advertising, which pretty much annoys customers immediately. It also provides an avenue to connect to consumers in a more genuine way. Storytelling can also allow you to sell your values and personality as a brand in a way that will feel like you’re selling. With that said, it can also strengthen your relationship with your customers.

One good example for a jewelry business is to present the durability of a particular jewelry piece by marketing it as a perfect heirloom piece. You can tell a story about a man getting his wife a stainless steel ring and how they were able to pass this down to their children and grandchildren.

#4 Engage emotions.

Similar to storytelling, engaging emotions can also allow you to build authentic relationships with your customers. Videos that evoke emotional responses from viewers can easily make your jewelry brand stand out and get a chance to go viral. Content that has an emotional appeal tends to be more unforgettable and dramatically impacts the audience.

Focus on topics that can incite happiness, hope, love, and intrigue. Thankfully, this is pretty easy to do with jewelry products. A good example is to convey the strengthening of relationships between couples, friends, or family members with the gift of a jewelry piece. Or you can also discuss topics such as inclusivity and acceptance, then showcase your genderless jewelry collection. Make sure that they will resonate well with your target audience. 

#5 Use eye-catching visuals.

Finally, you should also use amazing visuals, especially now that people have shorter attention spans. You should make it aesthetically pleasing and fun to watch. Eye-catching visuals easily captivate your audience, and this is especially important for videos that do not have voice-over. They can also help explain the message or idea faster and more precisely.

Jewelry products are ideal for presenting in action. For example, don’t just take videos of a jewelry piece on a display tray; show them being worn by an actual person. That way, potential customers will get an idea of what the particular piece looks like on them. Doing so also shows that the product is real and looks the same way as they are presented in product images.

The takeaway

Videos have the power to immediately capture an audience’s attention. However, it has to be engaging enough to make the viewers watch till the end. Following the tips above will allow you to create exciting videos, especially if you pick topics that resonate well with your audience.

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