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3 Best Types of Content Jewelry Businesses Need to Focus On

Fresh and engaging content can increase the chances of shoppers converting into loyal repeat customers.

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Even if the pandemic continues to loom over us, businesses in most industries are able to recover from the drought COVID has caused. The jewelry industry is one of the fastest ones to recover, as many shops shifted to selling online. This also means that competition for jewelry business online has become more challenging than ever.

Suppose you have an online jewelry business and struggling to get customers. In that case, you will need to focus on not just investing in quality and affordable wholesale fashion jewelry but also in creating content. And not just any content – it should be able to immediately make browsing shoppers purchase from your store.

Today, we will share some online marketing strategies that work well with jewelry businesses like yours. Here are the three best types of content to focus on creating today:

  1. Infographics
  2. Short-form videos
  3. Podcasts

#1 Infographics

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An infographic is a type of visual content that presents a collection of imagery, data visualizations like pie charts and bar graphs, and minimal text. It provides viewers with an easy-to-understand overview of complex information. Infographics usually come in a combination of colors or color palettes that are aesthetically pleasing enough to catch the attention of the target audience.

What you can do:

Aside from posting the usual product photos and products in action, consider creating infographics at least once a month and sharing them on your social media accounts. Creating one shouldn’t be difficult, and you do not need to be an expert on Photoshop. There are many free graphic design platforms, like Venngage or Canva, where you can easily create these graphics.

Some of the best topics you can use for your infographics include the following:

  • Differences between a natural crystal and a lab-grown one
  • Different jewelry metals or metal platings
  • Care and maintenance for a particular jewelry type
  • Different types of earring locks
  • How to style a specific type of jewelry

#2 Short-form videos

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Short-form videos are videos that run up to two and a half minutes long or shorter. However, there really is no rule; some social media channels treat three-minute videos as short form, some a minute. These videos are increasingly becoming a part of today’s consumers' lives, as people share these kinds of videos at twice the rate as any other content type. So as a jewelry business, it is crucial to include this content type in your content marketing strategy.

What you can do:

Because videos are more popular than images, make sure to post at least once or twice a week. You can even post daily on Instagram Stories or Facebook Stories, and simple topics like showcasing a particular product or jewelry pieces in action will do. Here are other video topic ideas that you can get inspiration from:

  • Quick tips for cleaning and disinfecting jewelry after wear
  • Jewelry designs a particular celebrity is wearing in comparison to similarly-designed jewelry from your inventory
  • Jewelry styling tips for a specific look
  • Highlights on new jewelry pieces highlights
  • Short promotional videos

#3 Podcasts

microphone for podcast and laptop on wooden table

A podcast is a form of audio entertainment and is a series of digital audio files that are made available for listening online or downloading. Podcasts are hosted by the podcaster or podcasters – people who share stories and opinions, lead conversations, and report the latest news. So it’s much like listening to the radio about your favorite topics. It is increasingly popular as the number of podcast listeners around the world has steadily risen. In 2021, there were 383.7 million podcast listeners, and it is forecasted to reach 504.9 million in 2024. And contrary to what most think, podcasts are not just for influencers and celebrities as they are also created by brands as a form of a marketing tool. 

What you can do:

As with video topics, podcast topics can range from giving jewelry and fashion-related advice to showcasing particular jewelry pieces. You also have the option to collaborate with influencers, experts in the jewelry industry, and other brands. Debates with fashion styles can engage listeners as well. There’s so much you can do with podcasts, and since not many jewelry brands do this, you can be able to stand out from your competitors.

The takeaway

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Managing a jewelry business and marketing shouldn’t be too difficult. As long as you provide excellent and engaging content to your customers, you should be fine. However, it’s important to note that your content topics should be interesting enough for your target audience. Otherwise, your content will immediately be ignored, and potential customers will look elsewhere.

Review the analytics of your social media accounts and see which types resonate well with your target audience. If videos get the most engagement and shares, then focus on creating more. And if they like to hear more podcasts, spend more time creating more episodes. Just make sure to provide a combination of the three so as not to bore your target audience.

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