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7 Qualities That Make The Best Jewelry Store

In the competitive world of jewelry shops, you will need qualities that will make first-time customers come back for more.

photo of a jewelry shop window display

Unless you are the only jewelry shop in your local area, competition in the jewelry business is relatively high, especially if you sell similar products. Revenue in the worldwide jewelry segment amounts to $269.6 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow annually by 5.39%. This data proves the jewelry industry continues to grow, which means more competition for you.

With that said, you need to take steps to rise above your closest competitors, literally and figuratively. Here are the seven qualities your jewelry store should have to be the most impressive one in your local area:

  1. Offers a variety of designs
  2. Invests in beautiful displays
  3. Ensures the shop is ambient
  4. Provides excellent customer service
  5. Uses memorable packaging
  6. Provides amazing after-sales service
  7. Acknowledges customers
fashion jewelry on display

#1 Offers a variety of designs

First, you need to make sure that your jewelry selections will be a hit among a wide range of customers. Invest in quality wholesale fashion rings, earrings, bracelets, and pendant necklaces with designs that can cater to different personalities and styles. These designs should also include on-trend ones or currently viral ones, and showcase them at your shop’s window display to quickly catch pedestrians’ eyes.

What you can do:

You can get jewelry design inspirations from the following:

  • Stalk big jewelry brands on Instagram.
  • Check out the jewelry pieces popular celebrities are wearing today.
  • Visit your competitors’ social media accounts. 

#2 Invests in beautiful displays

Aside from investing in beautiful jewelry pieces, you also need to spend time and effort creating stunning displays. Focus on the window display because it’s where you can immediately hook potential customers. Your goal is to make them stop in their tracks and gawk through your window. On the same note, you should also invest time in creating in-store displays. It should have enough space for shoppers to move about and make sure to provide mirrors for when they want to try a piece on.

What you can do:

As with purchasing your inventory, you can also get inspiration from pop culture, competitors, and big brands. But do not forget to incorporate your brand's personality. Giving your window display a seasonal makeover is also a good idea, so you can keep surprising potential customers with what you offer.

Lighting is also crucial. Install spotlights in your window display for people to see the jewelry more clearly. Note that overly bright interior lighting is not recommended as it can shoo away light-sensitive people. Combine ambient, warm lighting with spotlights. Keep the bright lights towards the jewelry, not towards the shoppers.

#3 Ensures the shop is ambient

Speaking of ambiance, a good jewelry store ensures that the place is welcoming and a comfy place for shoppers to browse your products. So aside from good lighting, you need to play some background music at just the right volume level. It should not be too loud as it can be distracting or too soft that no one can hear it anymore.

What you can do:

Be careful in choosing the right type of music to play on your speakers. The songs will have to resonate with your brand’s personality. For example, if you sell street-style pieces, hip-hop songs are perfect. Punk music or metal are the best choices if you sell biker rings and skull rings jewelry.

#4 Provides excellent customer service

Even if you offer the best jewelry pieces at affordable prices, your business will fail if your staff members are rude. Excellent customer service is so important, encouraging customers to leave good reviews and recommend your jewelry shop to their friends and family. It can generate more sales and marketing opportunities. So meeting the satisfaction of your customers is paramount to keeping your jewelry business thriving.

What you can do:

Train your employees to be accommodating, honest, and kind. They should be knowledgeable about the ins and outs of the business and the products. They should be able to assist customers and answer their questions without hesitation. Aside from good products, sincere and caring store staff can keep people coming back for more.

#5 Uses memorable packaging

Hooray for purchasing customers! But as a good jewelry business, you should not stop there. You need to make them remember your days, weeks, and months after visiting your store. You can do this by packing up their orders with extraordinary packaging. Get rid of the plastic bag and consider something else that has your brand’s personal touch. It should include your logo, social media handles, and other information that can encourage brand recall.

What you can do:

Sustainability is getting increasingly popular with shoppers today. People now prefer socially and environmentally aware brands over those that are not. In fact, more than half of consumers are willing to spend extra money in order to purchase environmentally-friendly products. So consider using recycled or eco-friendly packaging materials instead of plastic bags and bubble wrap.

#6 Provides amazing after-sales service

After-sales service or after-sales support is any service a business gives after a customer purchases a product or service. Providing excellent after-sales service shows your customers that you are willing to build genuine, long-term relationships with them. It’s a perfect way to earn customers’ loyalty and keep them coming back for more. As for jewelry shops, one great example is by providing jewelry care and maintenance tips or services, all for free.

What you can do:

Do not forget to include your contact information in the packaging. That way, customers can quickly contact you whenever they need your help regarding their purchase. Being active on social media also helps, so whenever a customer sends a DM or comments on your post, you can easily assist them.

#7 Acknowledges customers

Finally, a good jewelry business is one that genuinely cares for and appreciates its customers. Acknowledging customers lets them know that you heard them, appreciate their purchase, and sincerely care about them. This is also a good example of excellent customer service, so it is crucial for basically any business,

What you can do:

You can upload an appreciation post on your social media channels dedicated to your customers who never get tired of being loyal fans. On the same note, you can give these repeat customers incentives or rewards that can ensure that they keep purchasing your products.

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