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6 Reasons to Sell Women’s Fashion Jewelry Today

Learn why investing in wholesale fashion jewelry is a profitable business.

hook earrings with different designs displayed on a wooden surface

The current health crisis has seemingly not affected entrepreneurialism in the United States. In fact, there were almost 840,000 businesses that were less than a year old in March 2021, and this is a considerable increase from March 2020’s number of 804,620.

The data proves that business entrepreneurs cannot be stopped from reaching their goals even amidst a pandemic. If you are a budding entrepreneur planning to open a small jewelry business, this might just be the right time. Fashion jewelry plays a significant role in women’s lives. Aside from the apparent purpose, which is for the name of fashion, jewelry pieces have many benefits to end consumers.

Here are six reasons why it’s a profitable move to sell women’s fashion jewelry today:

  1. Women treat themselves with jewelry as a form of self-love.
  2. Jewelry remains to be a status symbol in the modern era.
  3. Beautiful jewelry can help increase one’s self-esteem and confidence.
  4. Jewelry pieces are a necessity for women.
  5. These fashionable accessories make great gifts for friends and family.
  6. Fashion jewelry can be an excellent investment.
woman wearing fashion rings and bracelets typing on a silver laptop on a wooden table

#1 Women treat themselves with jewelry as a form of self-love.

Self-love comes in many forms. While some women treat themselves to new makeup palettes or travel, others prefer to build a jewelry collection. Because of this reason, many wholesale fashion jewelry pieces come in designs that can promote self-love. You can find ones with heart designs or birthstones, which can resonate well with every customer.

#2 Jewelry remains to be a status symbol in the modern era. 

Jewelry has always been a status and wealth symbol since time immemorial. Ancient tribe leaders are known to wear multiple pieces of jewelry to symbolize their wealth and power, making them stand out from the other tribespeople. Simply put, wearing jewelry pieces allow one to be more noticeable in a crowd. And this makes the wearer feel more empowered. Since fashion jewelry is much more affordable than fine jewelry, your customers can build a collection without burning holes in their pockets.

#3 Beautiful jewelry can help increase one’s self-esteem and confidence.

Speaking of empowerment, the lines between genders are blurring as we throw out the traditional notions of masculinity and femininity. Fashion jewelry somehow boosts a wearer’s self-esteem and confidence while empowering them. You’d be able to pinpoint a confident lady boss from a sea of people, as she is usually the one wearing jewelry pieces. Wearing empowering jewelry is similar to power dressing and can immediately boost one’s look and simultaneously make them feel better about themselves.

#4 Jewelry pieces are a necessity for women.  

Today, wearing jewelry can be considered a necessity. Ladies look more presentable with pieces of jewelry, and they are perfect for wearing at job interviews, social events, work, and dates. These pieces are able to accentuate a woman’s facial features as well as bodily features. For example, drop earrings bring attention to the face. When they have the same colors as the wearer’s eyes, the eyes become even more noticeable. On the other hand, bracelets and cocktail rings bring attention to the hands and are perfect for those who are presenting at conferences or seminars.

#5 These fashionable accessories make great gifts for friends and family.

We think you agree with us when we say that women are generally more thoughtful than men when it comes to gift-giving. And since fashion jewelry like rings, earrings, and pendant necklaces make excellent gifts for any occasion, jewelry will be a hit all year round. All you have to do is market your jewelry pieces for sale as perfect gift ideas, and you can go even further by creating gift guides for every occasion. 

#6 Fashion jewelry can be an excellent investment.

As with thoughtfulness, women are also generally more skilled in budgeting household expenses. And this is especially true with mommas. And when times unexpectedly become hard, fashion jewelry can be a backup financial plan. Some women hoard fashion jewelry pieces, and they can easily sell them off when they need cash for some emergency expense. In some cases, they can also be pawned. So to put it simply, fashion jewelry can be considered an emergency fund.

The takeaway

Starting a jewelry business may be challenging, but if you consider the returns, the effort put into it may be worth your time and money. Just make sure that you invest your money in a legitimate wholesale fashion jewelry supplier that sells affordable yet high-quality jewelry. And with the right marketing strategies, your business sure can thrive in a post-pandemic world. Good luck with your business endeavors!