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Men's Rings for Father's Day 2021

Here are the different types of men’s rings to offer and highlight this June.

gold foil balloons spelling out DAD with ties as background

One of the best presents you can give dads on Father’s Day is a fashion accessory, particularly a ring -- one that exudes the same vibes or personality as they do. So aside from just offering simple fashion rings for men this month, make sure that you provide a wider variety of rings to allow your customers to pick the perfect piece for the dad, grandpa, husband, or brother.

Here's a list of ring designs to offer your customers this June, as well as an example for each from our wholesale fashion rings collection:

Military Rings

CJG1471 Wholesale Gold Plated Stainless Steel United States Army Ring

For customers with military dads or veterans, military rings are the ones to offer them. These rings have Army, Marine Corps, Navy, and Air Force designs, as well as the bald eagle. You can also provide them pieces with or without crystal accents or those with different metal platings.

Masonic Rings

CJ7875OS Wholesale Stainless Steel Oval Masonic Men's Ring

Somehow, masonic rings radiate manliness. These rings carry the masonic symbol for all to see, making them perfect gifts for dads who belong to the organization. Like the military rings, these rings are also available in various designs, and some also have crystal accents.

Biker Rings

CJ2510 Wholesale Unisex Two-Tone IP Black Monster Claws Ring

Biker rings are not only for biker dads, but they are perfect gifts for dads who are into rock bands or are musicians themselves too. Generally, these rings have such eye-catching designs as skulls and claws and ideal for matching stainless steel chain necklaces. 

Cross Rings

CJG1430 Wholesale Stainless Steel Crystal Cross Men's Ring

Whether it's for dads in touch with their spirituality or fathers into the Goth style, you can never go wrong with cross rings. Cross rings come in many different designs, and some may even have epoxy or crystal accents. This type of ring is also ideal for dads in rock or punk bands.

Stone Rings

CJE3001 Wholesale Men's Stainless Steel IP Light Black Synthetic Tiger Eye Topaz Ring

Finally, stone rings are ideal for gifting to dads who are into the Bohemian style. Stone rings like tiger eye and turquoise look good on men, too, especially when paired with bracelets. Somehow, these rings give a laid-back vibe, making them perfect for "chill" or carefree dads. 


For more men's ring designs for your June inventory, head on to CeriJewelry.com!