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Anniversary Rings: New Designs For Your Inventory

Are your customers looking for rings to give as anniversary gifts? Here are a few fashion rings to check out.

Jewelry pieces always make great gifts for special occasions like anniversaries. They are gorgeous wearable accessories that last a lifetime and may even be passed down to generations. If your customers are looking for this type of ring, don’t just offer them a simple fashion ring. Provide them with a wide variety of choices of elegant stone-studded pieces that will wow the receiver.

Today, we highlight pieces from our wholesale fashion rings collection that make perfect anniversary gifts. Do check them out, as they might be the rings your customers are looking for!

CJG1273 Wholesale Montana Glass Stainless Steel CZ Ring

Montana Glass Stainless Steel CZ Ring

This first piece features Montana blue-colored stones paired with sparkly clear cubic zirconia accent stones. Its design exudes regal vibes, as the blue crystals remind of Princess Diana’s sapphire engagement ring, which also has clear crystal accents. This stainless steel piece’s simple yet unique style makes it worthy of being included in your inventory.

CJG1444 Wholesale Crossing Gold Plated Stainless Steel Crystal Ring

Crossing Gold Plated Stainless Steel Crystal Ring

This gold-plated stainless steel piece features blood red-colored stones and clear crystal accents. Truly eye-catching, this piece also has an infinity symbol at the center, which symbolizes eternal love. Perfect for married or long-time partners, this piece can represent their undying love for each other.

CJG2028 Stainless Steel Top Grade Crystal Ring

Stainless Steel Multi-Color Top Grade Crystal Ring

Another gold-plated stainless steel piece, this anniversary ring features multi-colored top-grade crystals. Because of its lovely rainbow colors, this ring is perfect for couples in the LGBTQ+ community. Clear crystal accents add more sparkle to this striking piece.

CJG2097 Stainless Steel AAA Grade CZ Ring

Stainless Steel AAA Grade CZ Ring

For those who love vintage styles, this CZ ring is the best to offer them. It features a sizeable triple-A grade CZ center stone and three sets of small crystal accents in a channel setting. Classically beautiful and versatile, this ring makes a great heirloom piece as well.

CJG2143 Stainless Steel Top Grade Crystal Ring

Stainless Steel Top Grade Crystal Ring

This last piece is in black and gold -- two colors that exude sophistication and elegance. Rectangular black-colored top-grade crystals in a channel setting overlap the two-layered clear crystals, which are also in a channel setting, creating an infinity symbol. This is definitely the piece for those that love sophisticated jewelry.