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Ways to Design Sensational Jewelry Packaging

Learn how to provide customers with awesome packaging for their jewelry purchases.

peach box and peach flower petals on a white surface

After-purchase jewelry packaging can make or break your shop’s success. However, some jewelry shops ignore its importance and make do with self-lock plastic bags and tissue paper. But investing in jewelry packaging can give benefits to your business --- it reflects your brand's image, keeps customers coming back for more, and allows customers to recycle and reuse the packaging.

So how can you pack your jewelry pieces in a way that can keep your customers purchasing more? Here are some packaging tips that can help your retail or wholesale fashion jewelry shop stand out: 

Choose a color that your target customers will appreciate.

If you sell men’s rings, it’s best to go with a darker color palette. Stay away from floral designs and patterns. Men generally prefer simple packaging, so ring boxes in a plain masculine color will do. On the other hand, if you offer minimalist rings for women, go for pastel-colored packaging with delicate patterns. It all goes down to the type of pieces you sell your brand’s personality.

Personalize simple packaging.

Excellent jewelry packaging does not have to be expensive. We can turn cheap packaging into chic and elegant packaging. Adding some props like dried flowers and stickers gives their purchase a more personalized feel. Writing a short thank-you message on the jewelry box is also a great idea, so if you have some potential calligraphy skills, put them to use! 

eco-friendly product packaging with kraft crinkle paper

Make the jewelry package part of your customer’s experience.

Avoid putting too much packing tape on the jewelry box. You can make the jewelry secure by cushioning the inside with crinkle paper in the color of your brand’s theme. Add some ribbons or stickers, and you can also spray the inside with perfume. Doing so will wow your customers and encourage them to buy more in the future.

Go eco-friendly.

Lastly, you can go eco-friendly. Today, many consumers are becoming more concerned with the environment, and more than half of consumers globally base their purchase decisions on the product’s packaging. They prefer companies that use packaging that has a positive environmental impact. Lessen plastic use and go for paper and recycled items.

The takeaway

Whatever style of packaging you choose to go with, remember that it has a purpose -- to showcase what your jewelry brand stands for and how to satisfy your customer after purchase. Sensational packaging can create a lasting impression on your customers, increasing the chances of them becoming repeat customers.