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5 Activities to Avoid When Wearing a Wedding Ring

blurred photo of woman showing off her wedding ring

A wedding ring is undoubtedly one of a woman’s most valuable possessions as it represents the love between her and her partner. With that said, taking care of it is very important, and this includes cleaning and maintenance. However, when the demands of work and life become too overwhelming as the years go by, caring for the wedding ring becomes a thing of the past. 

If you have the same dilemma, you’d be glad to know there are ways to prevent your wedding ring from losing its luster and beauty. Remove and store your wedding ring safely before doing these activities:

1. Working

female massager therapist massaging back of a woman

It is generally safe to wear your wedding ring when working. However, if your job requires the use of hands, keep the ring safe at home. Wearing the ring while doing your tasks increases the risk of it getting damaged. Jobs that require the use of hands and fingers include electrical work, carpentry, mechanical repair work, and massage therapy. Should you forget to remove it before leaving the house, keep the ring safe in your locker or purse. 

2. Doing chores

woman in a hoodie doing a carwash

Does looking down the drain while removing your ring give you anxiety? It should! Before washing the dishes, take off your wedding ring far from the sink; better yet, remove it in your bedroom. The same is the case when you need to do some major house cleaning and gardening. Otherwise, your wedding ring might get damaged by harmful chemicals, and dirt may get trapped in the crevices.

3. Preparing food

woman's hands kneading dough on a black surface

Make sure to remove your wedding ring when cooking and baking. If you knead the dough with your ring, and it has dirt in the crevices, there's a big chance that you'll contaminate the dough. Precious stones in your ring might also get damaged or worse, get removed. On the same note, sauces can also seep through the ring's crevices, as well as other cooking ingredients.

4. Playing sports activities

woman in red playing field hockey

Have you heard of people losing their fingers in sports because of their ring? This is called ring avulsion, in which the ring gets caught in something solid with great force like falling. People either get their skin torn around the ring or, worse, cut off completely -- yikes. So before you play volleyball, tennis, and other rigorous activities with your friends, make sure to take off your wedding ring.

5. Sleeping

woman in a light blue shirt sleeping in a bed with white sheets

Lastly, sleeping. Yes, it is risky sleeping with your wedding ring. This is especially true with bridal sets with a lot of stones. If you wear these rings while dozing off, they can get deformed, get caught in your or your partner's hair, and get scratches on your skin. So make it a habit to take off your wedding or bridal rings before hitting the sack.

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