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Merchant Accounts: Making Cashless Shopping Safe and Easy

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Running an online store may seem like a breeze with the all the instant e-commerce platform available online. Though you can easily sell and market high quality wholesale jewelry, there many other factors that would make or break the success of your entrepreneurial pursuit.

Online shopping has been around for quite awhile now. The convenience provided by this new style of purchasing goods is undeniable. But despite its benefits, many prospective buyers are still reluctant to embrace this platform. One thing that’s holding them back is the security of online payment methods especially transactions made through credit cards.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to find success over the internet. Make sure to deliver a safe online shopping environment for your customers by providing the right merchant payment solution.

What is merchant account?

Merchant accounts allow business owners to safely accept credit card payments. This service is commonly provided by banks, credit card companies or 3rd party payment processors. Aside from enabling payments from debit and credit cards, merchant accounts can enhance the safety of shopping or payments made through cards.

Are all merchant accounts the same?

No, merchant accounts are not a one-size-fit-all solution for businesses. Take a look at the types of merchant accounts listed below to find what’s best for you.

  1. Retail Merchant Accounts
This type is said to offer the lowest transaction rates among the three. However, this reduced fees come with a price as this method posts a number of restrictions. Retail merchant accounts require the physical presence of a credit card during transactions. Dedicated credit card terminals are used for the purpose of swiping the said cards. This specific merchant account is commonly found in restaurants, groceries, hotels, retail shops and other brick and mortar stores.

  1. Mail Order – Telephone Order (MOTO) Merchant Accounts
Unlike retail merchant accounts, credit cards are not required when conducting transactions with MOTO Merchant Accounts. Charge rates and other fees are said to be higher for this method. Payments are processed through the direct input of credit card information in a terminal installed on a computer. This can also be done in the merchant account provider’s website online.

  1. Internet Merchant Accounts
This type of merchant account is fairly similar to the MOTO merchant payment solution. Internet Merchant Accounts are to be used solely for payment transactions done online. In general, this merchant account serves as a virtual terminal or service gateway for online business owners which allow them to accept credit card payments for their goods and services. This payment service is often bundled with web hosting packages and come with customizable shopping cart applications.

Still looking for an internet merchant account?

We’ll help you find the best one. Watch out for our next post to get more helpful tips.